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    FS: Front Runner Spare wheel mount

    how much for shipping to 79936
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    Another Road Trip; TX-NM-AZ-UT-CO, July 2019

    So what happen to the pictures of the Rocky Mountain???? lol nice trip report...
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    Front Runner Rack (1255mm×1762mm)

    I send him multiple messages and conversations and he does not respond...must be out on the field!
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    80 Series Headlight Bulb upgrades?

    What are the part numbers? any pictures????
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    Viva Baja! First Timer's Baja Impressions

    I am surprised you have not gone YET! You have been in a lot worst places that I do not think I would venture, i.e. Middle East. I invited Kirk this year to Scammons Lagoon. He decline!, I have been many times and it is nothing to Danger. Virgin Bays, Missions...Planning is everything in a small...
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    Baja 2017

    You should be ok. if you have a locker, you just do not want to break down. Driver skill is the KEY! I did it back in time on Lexus LX 450 no locker and no sliders and on 34" tires.
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    Trip back to El Paso through Muley Point , Moki Dugway and Valley of the Gods.

    Very nice write up, we are happy for you! Planning almost same route this coming May!
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    Beaches of Baja 2019

    Great Trip report, I am going for two weeks to Baja, from Algodones to Cabo San Lucas and back thru Rocky point. Camping and Hotels. Wish me LUCK!
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    Our trip to Deadhorse Alaska

    Thanks for the link, I have been super busy with life.....It was a great writeup, keep them going!
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    My FZJ80 Overland Build

    No show, like you I have been away from overlanding for a while, but next year is going to change, and I will start with a trip to Baja to pet the whales at Scammon's lagoon in Feb or march. only 164k miles, new leather seats coming soon. Best of luck on 2019.
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    “Sierra Madre, Copper Canyon 2018”

    Looking forward to the adventure...
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    Sawtooth Unlimited - Off Road Pop Top Camper Trailer

    Looking forward to your design, what are you shooting for interior height , size of tires and ground clearance?
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    Roof Rack Question - K9 vs FrontRunner

    Front runner, great customer service, very well design accessories. Easy installs.
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    Breaking the Law in California

    Freaking awesome!
  15. LexusAllTerrain

    Breaking the Law in California

    Even dough they are not color coordinated?
  16. LexusAllTerrain

    Breaking the Law in California

    I was trying out my Tepui Tent, but I did not feel safe transporting it looked awkward!