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    Map: Is this area too steep for GMRS?

    Here is a topo of an area we frequently camp and explore, coordinates 40.36163,-121.33817 (don't steal my spot! :p). The camp is down in a valley with two ridges, once you get past either ridge (marked in blue or red) my 5W Midland GXT1050VP4 radio on high won't reach back to the other one in...
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    Bed rack with tonneau overhaul - feedback

    I am looking for ideas on how to improve my bedrack system, both aesthetically and functionally. The setup for the past 5 years has been Thule crossbars with Truck Covers USA American Roll Cover on a 2013 F150 6.5' bed and it's time to take it all off and refresh the cover (grease internals...
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    Buying Used LiFePo4 batteries

    I am looking for resources around buying used LiFePo4 batteries and how to determine if they are in good shape or damaged prior to purchase. A local seller on Craigslist has 130AH Valence XP U27-12XP Series Batteries which they say were charged but never used as a part of a UPS electric...
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    12v Portable Power Pack from 56v cordless tool batteries

    I have this build planned out but would appreciate a go/no go from others if this is a decent idea or not. I have a set of Echo cordless power tools which run "58v" 2ah or 4ah batteries. I have an extra charger and battery collecting dust, and would like to put it to use as a portable power...
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    Quiet sleeping bags for restless sleepers

    We have two boys, 4 and 18 months and it's coming up on the little guy's first camping trip when I realized he doesn't have a sleeping bag. We bought TETON Sports Celsius Jr for Boys 20* Sleeping Bag for the oldest but the taffeta shell is so loud when he tosses and turns that I refuse to buy...
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    Thule rack across truck bed, any way to decrease sag?

    I got a new truck and am ready to install my Thule rack across the bed, but want to see if there is any way to decrease the amount of sag in the crossbars. Its fine unloaded, but even with two bikes on the rack it has a noticeable sag and the bikes bounce a bit. I would like to get either two...