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  1. Ric

    Why cant I find something easy?

    OK, I have a Garmin handheld GPS and Ive been driving myself crazy, trying to find something I can use with my (windows) laptop. I've tried the GAIA free version, and its just stupid slow, and I have to keep re-positioning the map, IMHO was a total waste of time. Im trying to find a topo map...
  2. Ric

    Hey all, gt a new laptop need recommendations

    Hey all, I got a new laptop, and thinking about using it for trail purpose, Im wanting to get topo maps and being able to track myself. Im new to this type stuff, so what do I need, what should I download what do you all recommend? I got the HP Probook6475b...
  3. Ric

    Those with a Tire Carrier, lets see,,,,

    For those of you with either a aftermarket rear bumper with a tire carrier, or those with a swing out tire carrier, can you post pictures it? Im thinking about getting a swing out tire carrier but havent decided on a license plate mount. Thanks in advance
  4. Ric

    4th Gen 4runner CB antenna, where to mount?

    As the title says, Im looking for ideas on where to mount a CB and in the future, a HAM antenna. Pictures are always great. Thanks in advance
  5. Ric

    Anyone build a custom cargo box/sleeping platform?

    Has any built a cargo box/sleeping platform something like this in a JK ?
  6. Ric

    purifying creek water

    Does anyone have any experiance with these portable water purifiers ? simular these...
  7. Ric

    ARB Drawers

    just seen these, they are strong, light weight, and has a lock . . I really like these, thinking about getting a set. I know that is selling them, not sure how much or the different sizes, but the pictures shown are of a 3rd gen 4runner and they fit GREAT.
  8. Ric

    Ideas on how to mount Pressure Gauge

    I need ideas, thoughts or suggestions, on just how to mount a 2" (back mount) air pressure gauge. Its a Kobalt part #221013 if it matters, for now, I just got the line from the tank to the gauge. The reason I want a gauge, is that Im also running air horns, and I thought they was 120PSI, and...
  9. Ric

    Oasis Compressor- Denver

  10. Ric

    Armorology Colorado

    wasnt sure where to put this... Some of you have heard of Armorology well they have moved, to a bigger and better shop. heres the info: New Address: Armorology 4135 Netley Grove Colorado Springs, CO 80907 719-632-8125 ph 719-227-1973 fx
  11. Ric

    SD cards

    hey all, I was wonder whats a good and fast sd card ? Ive got a ScanDisk Extreme 111 (sd) is there something faster or better ? Oh, I got a Nikon D80 if that matters... Thanks for any thoughts or advice.
  12. Ric

    Rics 2004 4Runner build

    Well I started with a 2004 4Runner V8 couldnt leave well enough alone, lol Stock: Lifted: Trailing Arm sliders: (if you wheel, these are a MUST have) I cant say enough GREAT things about Toyteclifts.. I had it on my 99 and beat the you know what out of it, and rode flawlesly, so I knew, I...
  13. Ric

    Rics 1999 Toyota Highlander

    Well I got this thing about 5 years ago, with the intent to "wheel" it, my favorite saying is "I bought to wheel it" I started doing more of the rock crawling than anything, its held up very nice, but Ive since moved into the expedition stuff, so Ive made a sleeping platform with drawers...
  14. Ric

    My Cargo Box/Sleeping platform

    Well Ive been thinking about this for sometime now, and with the help of a friend (thankx Glen) got it done. On to the pics, Test Fit: 100% Slides: Sleeping Platform: Turnbuckles holding it in place: The Tie-Downs to hold tire down:
  15. Ric

    4Runner Lower Link Skids

    hey you 4Runner guys, Ive got some Lower Link Skids, these seem to work really well, these are weld on skids, Ive wheeled them for awhile now, and Im loving them. You should have seen my Links before lol, lets just say they was bad, Well heres a few pics:
  16. Ric

    WTB or Trade

    hey all, Im looking for one TRD wheel, If you got one fore sale, let me know, or if ya know someone that does, or where I might get one, please let me know. Heres what Im looking for: Id be willing to trade this wheel: and maybe a few bucks. Im in Colorado, if that helps, but please let me...
  17. Ric


    dont know if any of you guys would be interested
  18. Ric

    Denver area, oct. 14 and 15th

    hey guys, sorry about the short notice, anyways, a few of us are running Coney Flats and Middle St.Vrain tomorrow, meeting about 9-9:30 in Boulder, if anyone wants to go... Sunday, will probley be running Yankee Hill, got a new guy that wants to run something easy. will probley be on ch.4
  19. Ric

    Denver sept. 23rd

    a few of us are going to run Argentine Pass and didnt know if any of you guys wanted to run it with us. we will be meeting about 10ish
  20. Ric

    Colorado Jambore

    Hey all, new guy here, refered here by Photoleif, anyways, I thought I would extend an invite to the toyota people, to our Jambore it looks like its going to be a very nice time, we hope you can make it. let me know if you have any...