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    2019 Ram 2500 or 2020 Ford F-250???

    2020 Tremor on XLT trim is my vote. 7.3, 10 speed, factory 35s, color matched, slight level, and limited slip front diff/ rear locker.
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    F150 - 5.5' vs. 6.5' bed?

    Does the short bed have the big gas tank avail? That alone would be a deal breaker for me. Once you go down the road of bigger tires, lift, pop up topper, I doubt the truck would fit in a standard garage anyways. If you're in some crazy HOA area then that would force your hand to 5.5', but if...
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    Ford Superduty Tremor "off road" 2020 F250/F350.

    I would have rather seen a Highboy, but you have to admit this is probably perfect for 90% of people who have power wagons. I doubt most PWs are used even remotely to their potential.
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    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    WOW. Always something in the fine print to cover their asses. So a trailer between 2k and 5k lbs without brakes will fold the truck in half.... noted. Not sure how larger than stock tires contributes to a frame bending, but maybe an engineer will come and explain...
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    2019 Ford Ranger Taking Orders

    Saw this in Bangkok. I want one!!!
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    2019 Ram Power Wagon

    No, but what else would we complain about
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    Stow-able dog bed/cot for spoiled camp pooch

    I have had a couple cots from Diannesk9creations built to my specs. She’s been great to work with. It’s just pvc and fabric, so it’s reasy to build and break apart.
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    Big50's 2017 F250 Build

    Good to see an update. Love this build.
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    Overlanding pop up camper

    Love it. Wonder why more people aren’t doing this
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    Off-Road Trailer Recommendations - Budget <= 20K

    I’d contact Flipmachine at Mission Overland. I’m guessing he could build something to your price point.
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    Tex's 2019 LX 570

    Congrats Tex. Almost pulled the trigger on a 2016 last week, and I agree, the interior seems much nicer in the LX.
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    New truck cap design available on Fords.

    Not my cup of tea on the Fords, but on an H1 Hummer? Hell yes. Love the slant back on those
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    Overlanding pop up camper

    Ever think of doing a hard side pop up? Kind of like an Alaskan camper trailer? You’ve got some serious talent and I can’t wait till this takes off.
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    Why we purchased a GXV Turtle

    What’s the difference between this and the adventure truck GXV makes? Why did you choose this?
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    Ford 7.3L 401/464 with a 6 speed. Was thinking it would be 450/500 with a 10 speed, but GM likes to let me down.
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    Ford 7.3L

    Their new HD gas engine is a 6.6.
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    Super Duty Power Wagon competitor

    If it were me, I'd run the Highboy for the life of the warranty and then upgrade. I've never had an HD truck, but it seems like the suspension on a truck like a raptor or power wagon, that actually gets used, would be worn out at that time and ready for an upgrade.
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    Super Duty Power Wagon competitor

    The Power Wagon is already big. Isn’t a crew cab standard bed f250 significantly larger? That being said, I’d be interested
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    Surus: 2017 Power Wagon build

    So, how do u like the GFC so far? Any major trips planned?