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    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    Yeah no worries. That someone might just be me. We'll see how things play out. All the best.
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    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    The other hotshot truck we saw has something like the link, only the entire rear window was removed for a full window pass through. Then it was sleeved so you did not see any of the inflatable donut. There were snaps inside both sides of the missing window, and some type of fake leather tube...
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    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    As it sits, there is the typical slider in the back of the cab (a-la pickup truck), adjacent a similar slider in the rear box (a-la pickup camper shell). The box below it is a fuse panel for the climate control for the A/C and heater for the rear box. There is also an electrical box on the...
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    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    Some pics of the inside of the box. Crew seats removed. Steel cross member and plywood is friction fit for temporary use. Retained two of the crew member swivel seat bases, along with seatbelt anchors and hardware to bolt them through the floor if you want to add them back, hack and cut, or...
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    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    Did not re-register. Still available. Not sure why I have not received any alerts on this ad. I'll have to check my settings.
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    I've used a few different type straps. What I don't like is that you have to compress the suspension quite a bit, which tends to be hard on seals and springs long term. (seems to be more of an issue with an upside down fork though) The straps can also dry out due to sun/weather, but they are...
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Not to go off topic but: Just curious if you (Jostt) are using pre-bent corners in this rack here with internal sleeves that you showed in this post. If so, do you have a source? I see them for thin walled stuff like mufflers, but haven't for this type of thing. Want to get a tubing bender...
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    I'll be following suite on building a rear lowering platform, so looking forward to the finished result. I've built a few racks for enduro motorcycles, make a lot of mistakes, discoveries in the process. A front wheel chock to help hold the bike in place while you secure it is a great...
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    2015 MB 144 High-roof Sprinter Camper van

    4x4 only come w/ a V-6, and this has the I-4, so it is 2wd.
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    2006 Hot Shot Crew Truck - Potential for build

    I have a 2006 (pre-DPF, pre-DEF) International 7300 truck that I am offering up for sale. Location: Near Sun Valley, Idaho Asking: $19,000 OBRO Known issues: two chips in windshield smaller than a dime, driver door requires extra effort to close sometimes, bulb that backlights the fuel gage...
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    Natures head composting toilet in colder climates

    Having lived with a natures head for about a year and a half, I can say that is the method I would chose again if I have a mounted toilet. Standing to pee is out of the question though. Did that with one batch of compost medium, and turned it into sewage real quick. The velocity of the urine...
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    My Dual Battery Setup (with Diagram)

    Bluesea makes electrical fuse boxes, battery isolators, and other items for boats, and vehicles. I like their stuff. Here is a link to their wire size calculator: You will have to click thru a warning, but it will take you to a wire size calculator that can...
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    Lets talk about rigid foam insulation

    Ref. insulating floors: Depends upon how much height you have to loose. I have used a foam layer (I think it was an inch of foil faced foam sheet) covered by a sub floor made out of plywood. Plywood is anchored through the foam to the vehicle tie down points (you may have to supplement these...
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    Alternatives to Dynamat?

    I've used the Fatmat, Noico, and Rattletrap. Noico seems to be the least pricey, is butyl, and worked as well as the Rattletrap. The Fatmat was OK, but I wouldn't buy it again if given the choice. Noico is all over amazon. I used the 80mil, which is the thicker option they have.
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    New Sprinter 3500 170E 4x4 just came up for sale in Classifieds

    Unless modified, 4wd on that thing would mostly be for snowy roads. The departure angle with the 170 plus the extended rear end leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Material for fresh water tank

    I second luthj when he says multiple smaller rotomolded tanks. I like PE, but thats just me. There is the redundancy of multiple tanks, it removes the need for the baffles, there are plenty out there to choose from, and you always have the option of filling one up with questionable water, then...
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    Series 100 research

    I have a 2000 LX version, and prior to that I had a 2007 Tundra with the 5.7L V8. Compared to that the cruiser seems underpowered. It seems like a large V6 vs. a V8. Keep in mind a few things though. It is all wheel drive, or 4WD. There is some loss related to that. It is built for...
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    Wallcovering - Looking for input & ideas

    Chiliwich makes wall coverings. I have been looking at this one: From their literature: - Contains Microban® antimicrobial protection, which works continuously for the lifetime of the product to inhibit the...
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    Stainless steel shower tray suggestions?

    Last quote I had on a stainless pan from a local fab shop was $500 in the US. Materials, welding, and built to my specifications. 16 gage. My plan is to suspend it from the four sides, so that it rests upon the drain I purchased via Amazon from the UK that has an actual trap and lifts things...