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    '11 Suzuki SX4 AWD

    cool to see folks still modifying and enjoying the SX4, it has been about 5 years since i had mine, but it was a fun car. Damn fuel tank was too small!!
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    1st Gen Xterra Suspension Lift - Recommendations wanted

    Thanks for the headsup, i am not too familiar with the xterra generations, but i believe his is a first gen.
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    1st Gen Xterra Suspension Lift - Recommendations wanted

    Hey guys, Not a regular in this forum, but i knew it is probably the best audience on the web for this question. I have a buddy that has a first gen Xterra which has worn out its springs and shocks (and probably a couple bushings too). I am pretty competent mechanic and think that this vehicle...
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    Honda pilot

    I am running the Truxx Lift and burtman skidplates (front and rear). Its approaching 90k miles and still hasnt skipped a beat. I needed new brake pads, a new SRS reel, and new tires. This time i got general grabbers AT2's, they are much quieter than the treadwrights.
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    Suzuki Owners; Let's see your ExPo Trucks

    ^^ awesome!! At a glance i thought maybe you bought my old SX4!
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    Honda pilot

    i am the owner of a ridgeline, and i too with respectfully disagree with some that have posted and echo what stoic said. It is no rockcrawler or quite as capable as many of the rigs on this forum. The AWD system works really well when driven as such. However that said i have been in some sketchy...
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    Me and the Moonlander!

    Just read through the whole thread. Love it & the bike. You are making me miss SD alot!
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    The CrowsWing - Offroad Teardrop Trailer

    Great build, im watching also! All this quality woodworking reminds me of the New Yankee workshop!
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    MINI Cute-Ute: The Countryman

    I see a ton of these cars in and around the denver area. I think of this this thread and have "saw it here first" sentiments. Cool little cars!
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    Petrolburner's '03 Tundra patient one-step-at-time-takes-a-long-time build

    Hey a cheap solution that i have found with tying dirt bikes in the back is a piece of unistrut with pipe supports to act as chocks for the wheels. Total cost of the DIY "Bedbuddy" ~10$.
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    new CRF250L enduro from Honda

    Fingers crossed it comes to America!
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    M109A3 - Making it my new BOV/ Expedition

    I am captivated by these military RV-rebuild threads. Keep it coming!!
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    CUCV M-1009 Baja Chase/ pit support and Camping Project.

    Any links to build thread or features. Looks awesome!! :Wow1:
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    VW People....Check in!!!!

    Love the Baja, I am seriously considering picking one up to build as an all-arounder rig! I am very tempted by the low entry cost and parts availability; but having restored a KG in a previous life i know it adds up quickly! Got a build thread or spec sheet?
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    Econoline Camper on 60 Minutes Last Night

    Did anyone happen to catch 60-minutes last night? They were featuring this young climber who was very into freeclimbing. They spent a couple minutes and showed his Econoline minimalist camper. I couldnt hear the words (football was on other TVs) but i believe they elaborated on his setup. He...
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    Main Line Overland 08 FJ Cruiser

    West Chester, my hometown! FJ looks great, i really like the wheels.
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    $100 - 1980 KE100 - Quest for Fire

    Funny you should post that! I saw this on CL and against my better judgement held off from buying it! (I am in Schaumburg despite what my location above states) Good luck getting her back on the road, looked like a great project! I have rebuilt a 76 Yamaha Dt125, and while the rebuilds on these...
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    FatCity F150 Pre-runner Expo build

    Love these trucks and love your build. Great work and keep the pictures coming!
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    5th gen trail edition or 100 series cruiser? I can't figure it out.

    What do you currently drive? I think that detail would help people sway your decision! I'm going to come right out and say it: The only thing worse than the depreciation on a new vehicle, is depreciation of a new vehicle that you actually intend on using offroad. I have bought crappy, brand...