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  1. cnynrat

    2007 AT Horizon Trailer for Sale - Price Drop

    Price Drop! For Sale: 2007 AT Horizon Trailer Location: La Habra Heights, CA Price: $12,250 OBO I’m sure most people here know what these trailers are all about, but in case here is a link to the Adventure Trailers web site: This Horizon is...
  2. cnynrat

    HF Base Station Recommendations

    Not really overlanding related, but I thought I might tap into the more experienced amateur radio operators here on ExPo. I am thinking about setting up an amateur base station, and am looking for some advice. By way of background, I've been operating for about 5 years on VHF/UHF, primarily...
  3. cnynrat

    Good deal available on Yaesu FT-250R 2M HT

    Just a heads up that you can pick up a Yaesu FT-250R 2 meter HT for about $110 right now. Retailers such as Universal Radio sell this model for about $140, and Yaesu has a $30 rebate going on for purchases made through the end of March. Reviews on this model are running 4.9 out of 5.0 on...
  4. cnynrat

    2012 Turner's Shooting Sports Fair - June 1-3, 2012

    The 2012 Turner's Shooting Sports Fair is coming up June 1,2 & 3 at Raahauge's Shooting Enterprises in Corona CA. This event is a great opportunity to come out and shoot some interesting guns, see some great shooting exhibitions, and meet others from the CA gun community. Here is what to...
  5. cnynrat

    New PLB Option Coming: SATRO PLB-110

    Just learned about a new personal locator beacon coming from Astronics called the SATRO PLB-110. It will be compatible with the Cospas-Sarsat system similar to other PLB devices. The device has an integrated GPS, floats, and is billed as the smallest PLB on the market. While there are no...
  6. cnynrat

    SPOT/PLB Discussion from the SAR Perspective

    This short but interesting article was linked on a canyoneering board I monitor: Emergency Personal Beacons: A Primer. It was written by the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group based on their experiences with SPOTs, PLBs etc. Some interesting information for people considering carrying one of these...
  7. cnynrat

    Chaco Canyon

    Let this be the first post in a trip report to be completed later. Traveling thru Arizona on our way to Chaco Canyon, we pulled off the 40 to grab breakfast in Flagstaff. As we head into town what do we see? A red JK Habitat, another red JK, and the Action Camper. Strange coincidence.
  8. cnynrat

    September 2011, Coyote Flats

    This trip was originally conceived as a summer getaway to the eastern Sierras. After conferring about our schedules we found that due to a summer filled with family events and too much business travel the earliest mutually available weekend was going to be in mid-September. The cast of...
  9. cnynrat

    New DeLorme inReach Two Way Satellite Communications Device

    DeLorme has announced a new satellite communications product targeting backcountry users. Link to DeLorme info They are using the Iridium satellite constellation to implement a text messaging capability. The unit can be paired with a DeLorme GPS (not sure about other brands). Even more...
  10. cnynrat

    Terra Incognita: Into the Maze

    In a sense, the genesis for this trip was a report I read here on ExPo about a year ago posted by Willman, Moody, and Kcowyo. Their report rekindled a desire I've had to visit the Maze that dates back to a long, long time ago when I first read Edward Abbey's account of his visit to the area in...
  11. cnynrat

    Scepter Gas/Water can holder for roof rack?

    I'm looking for a gas/water can holder that is compatible with the Scepter cans and is suitable for mounting on a roof rack, and I'm not finding any options. I've looked at the following products, and most seem to either explicitly state that they are not compatible with the Scepter cans, or at...
  12. cnynrat

    San Rafael Swell, Thanksgiving 2009

    We spent Thanksgiving week in the San Rafael Swell this year. It was our first visit to the area, and it seems like we just scratched the surface. It was a week of canyon hiking and exploring for rock art sites. We also visited a few interesting arches in the area. There are quite a few...
  13. cnynrat

    Inyo Mountains, April 18-19, 2009

    We've been wanting to visit the old salt tram remains in the Inyo mountains east of Lone Pine, CA ever since I first read a trip report put up by Teotwaki over a year ago. We made plans to join a couple other trips to the area, but schedule conflicts always got in the way. We finally made it a...
  14. cnynrat

    How Long Should A WInch Line Be?

    I've got a new winch and am going to swap out the steel line for a synthetic line. Since you get more pulling power as you get down towards the inner layers of the coil, it seems there is a case to be made for not just filling up the spool with the most line possible. That way for shorter...