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  1. D-R0CK

    Is $500 a good price for a 2008 Gary Fischer HiFi Pro?

    Can a bike that was $3k when new 8 years ago be so cheap already? It sounds almost too good to be true, but the listing for the bike includes a serial number that hasn't come up as stolen. The description says the bike needs new tubes and rear brake maintenance - neither of which seem all that...
  2. D-R0CK

    Stupid weird AC condensor/PS cooler failed. HELP!

    Alright, I changed the PS pump in my '02 WJ last night and suddenly sprang a leak out of what I THOUGHT was my AC condenser, a big old crack right in the bottom. Looking more closely, that's not all it has going on. What else is it doing? It looks like it's also a PS cooler on the bottom...
  3. D-R0CK

    Aussie Locker bit the dust, new locker recommendations?

    Axle: Dana 44 HD Ratio: 3.7: 1 Application: 2002 GC Laredo V8 Expedition style build (32" cooper discoverer AT3s, no front locker) So my Aussie crapped the bed, it's clunking and banging like you would not believe, especially around tight corners that require acceleration (as you would expect)...
  4. D-R0CK

    Full size spare WJ

    Hi all! I'd really like to carry a full size 265/75/r16 spare in/on my WJ, as I have an auto locker (Aussie) on the rear, and swapping a front wheel to the rear and putting the undersized spare on the front is an unappealing solution. Considerations: -It won't fit in the spare well -The back...
  5. D-R0CK

    Can I use a hitch mounted motorcycle carrier on an OME lifted wj?

    First post! I'm the proud new owner of a 2002 Grand Cherokee with a 3" lift mainly due to OME springs. It also has an Aussie locker in the back and bilstein dampening. I've already got a big, 150 mile trip planned in a week. I'm wanting to carry my bike down but I'm just not sure if the lift...