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  1. dirtlimo

    Pop up Camper in Freeway/Interstate rest areas.

    I really have no insight on rules. But when I had my Ursa Minor Jeep I stayed in 4-5 rest stops over multiple states w/o issues. Longest single stay was about 7hrs. I would like to think people stopping and getting some rest would be preferable to the local constabulary than driving tired.
  2. dirtlimo

    FS - San Diego, CA - Oztent RV1 (new lower price)

    Sooooooooooo tempting......
  3. dirtlimo

    Best (Or Most Dependable) All-Terrain Tire?

    Love my Nitto AWT's in Colorado :)
  4. dirtlimo

    Ark Pak - Questions and Queries

    OK, I think that was it. AP is now at 12.3 and its not beeping with Flex controller/panel attached.
  5. dirtlimo

    Ark Pak - Questions and Queries

    My only other idea is that fell below 11V or something. I hooked it up to AC last night and its back to 100%. So I guess ill try it again today with the fridge hooked up. Thanks for the input PDX!
  6. dirtlimo

    Ark Pak - Questions and Queries

    Camping kit has a controller.
  7. dirtlimo

    Ark Pak - Questions and Queries

    Just picked up a Flexopower camping kit and I would like to use it to charge the Arkpak. The moment I insert the Anderson plug the pak starts to beep 4 times. Is this some over voltage protection? I think the panel works up to 19.2v. So is using these 2 items together not possible?
  8. dirtlimo

    Any thoughts on the National Luna portable power pack?

    Appears to be quite a few members on here with good results with them. I have an Arkpak, both look like good choices.
  9. dirtlimo

    Large Winter Tires

    I wanted to to run Dura's as well but they do not come in 37's. So my winter tire is now the Nitto AWT, on my second winter with them and worth every penny to me so far.
  10. dirtlimo

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    If you plan on doing nothing mechanical to the jeep I.E axles, and want a very competent off road Jeep get the Rubi. If you plan on really building a Jeep, get a cheaper model.
  11. dirtlimo

    Caution: Inreach SE SOS button can be activated even if locked

    Great, something to worry about. That I did not think I had to worry about. :eek:
  12. dirtlimo

    BoldAdventures 2015 Power Wagon Build

    Kick *** rig man, awesome job!
  13. dirtlimo

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I have an ARB on the drivers side and in the rear. It works well, UM has slots in the top for mounts to install these. It takes a minute to get the larger drivers side setup, the smaller rear one is no big deal at all. No regrets in getting them, wanted a less expensive solution in case of...
  14. dirtlimo

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Awesome and congrats!
  15. dirtlimo

    National Luna Split-Charge System Charging Issues?

    So today I isolated each battery and put them back on the 20 amp charger. Both batteries took a while to pass the "absorption" stage, like 2 hrs. That had me thinking that the alternator is not doing its job. But when I tried to start the Jeep the same issue occurs. It will not unless I bridge...
  16. dirtlimo

    National Luna Split-Charge System Charging Issues?

    Overnight the battery dropped to 12.6 volts. Which I believe is borderline for a bad battery. I still do not think that this is the only issue, as that really does not explain the solenoid going bat s#$t crazy. But its 55 months old and Ill give that a try.
  17. dirtlimo

    National Luna Split-Charge System Charging Issues?

    I cannot 100% dispute that this is not the issue. But the OBD states I'm at 14.2-14.5 as does the NL panel which makes me think its ok. Also, both of these batteries had a full charge not 2 months ago. I don't mean a trickle or tender, but a full 7 step with a 35 amp charger.