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  1. WyoCherokee

    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Nope, same CCSB Ram 2500 6.7 cummins, G56 just 4 years in age difference. rolling across the scales, there was less than 200lbs difference in weight. same tire size, same load rating, same tire pressures. The michelins have a noticeable narrower treadwidth vs traditional AT's. IMO(and everyone...
  2. WyoCherokee

    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    In keeping with your sentence "The thing is, everyone who disagrees with the title of this post has every valid counterpoint and argument " i have to disagree with your conclusion for off highway uses. These tires came on my 2012 Ram when i bought it. Since they were brand new, i decided to just...
  3. WyoCherokee

    1989 Jeep seXJ. A comprehensive guide to polishing a turd.

    Broverlanding :ROFLMAO: thats amazing, Im stealing that term.
  4. WyoCherokee

    Bighorn Mountain Crawlers Summer Safari 2019 Come join us for a weekend of exploring the BigHorn Mountains of Northern Wyoming. It will be tons of fun. I will be trailgunning the hunt mountain loop in my XJ.
  5. WyoCherokee

    Best Overland Channels on YouTube

    I pretty much stick with Lifestyle Overland and XOverland and MSO. allot of the others are way to full of them selves and it turns in to an on camera interview or just a contest of who has the better camera.
  6. WyoCherokee

    40's vs 37's. What's the reality while daily driving?

    your deffinetally going to want to add a sector shaft brace in there.
  7. WyoCherokee

    Dick cepek extreme country

    Running them in 35x12.5x15 C on my MJ. Daily driven on pavement 30 miles a day and weekends in the mountains. This winter they have been absolutely superb in snow and ice. They do lack the siping of an all-terrain, but for what they are, they do pretty dang well on icy roads. ~4,000lb rig...
  8. WyoCherokee

    Improving 4.0l MPG

    Having had 3 Xj's and an MJ all with the 4.0. There isnt a ton you can do, as much of the mileage comes from driving style. Best mileage "modification" i have found for all 3 xj's is to get rid of anything on the roof. Ditch huge roof baskets, tires and racks. Those easily will kill 3 to 5 mpg...
  9. WyoCherokee

    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    The half blood got an all new cooling system, new lower control arms from ironman4x4fab and a temp guage that replaces the clock panel. The MJ got new Napier flares installed.
  10. WyoCherokee

    Tire Air Compressor?????

    I am running a Viair 450p . great little compressor for the money. i use it almost every weekend and its still humming along great.
  11. WyoCherokee

    BFG KDR2+ 35x10.50x15 Dakar

    i wish more companies would come out with a 35x10.5x15 road tire.
  12. WyoCherokee

    Pronghorn rear bumper is here!!!!!

    $2,250????? they lost me at the number before the Comma.
  13. WyoCherokee

    Best (Or Most Dependable) All-Terrain Tire?

    here we go again. the general consensus in no particular order Cooper ST MAXX Cooper AT3 BFG KO2 AT General Grabber AT Toyo M55 Toyo AT Im going to throw a curveball, ive been really impressed with my Dick Cepek Extreme country's
  14. WyoCherokee

    Average Garage Build Trailer.

    Finally!! Had to go resize the photos to get them to load. Got the trailer buttoned up for the summer. The major stuff is done and will get me through till next winter when i can spend some quality time with it. 33's, stretched out the fenders, new floor, new hitch.
  15. WyoCherokee

    Average Garage Build Trailer.

    Good Eye! 72 MGB. My dad and i re built her when i was a munchkin. He promised me that when i got my own house with a garage, i could have her. Not much on power, but shes fun to cruise to go get ice cream, or take to the lake in the summer. The Electric Overdrive sure is nice.
  16. WyoCherokee

    Average Garage Build Trailer.

    Finally!!! i had to upload them to photobucket and then copy the link
  17. WyoCherokee

    Average Garage Build Trailer.

    Got a new hitch on, the trailer stripped down to the frame and re-painted. Picked up some wood to rebuild the walls. Also mocked up the 33's and found out i needed 2" spacers. I dont like how close it sits to the frame, so i will have to keep my eye out for some 33x10.5's. For some reason i...
  18. WyoCherokee

    Average Garage Build Trailer.

    Stripped down to the frame, looks like I have some rust to remediate. For some reason I can't load photos from my phone. Will try on the laptop later.