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    Does anyone know of any campers out there for a U1300L?

    Check your email Hi, You Guys, Please check your emails, people have been writing you and getting no response. Thanks.
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    Powdercoated aluminum for Sprinter interior walls, Rails for slideout bed

    Hi, I have use daily aluminum substrate panels from Montroy Sign Materials. Panels are laminated 3mil plastic with aluminum panels attached and are painted white on both sides. I have used the panels in my Sprinter van and my Unimog camper, both inside and out. The panels are either 4'x8' or...
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    Does anyone know of any campers out there for a U1300L?

    Hi, LeeWhay, There is a fellow that has been trying to sell a home-built camper on the Reno Craigslist that might adapt to your rig. The camper is clad in aluminum diamond plate, insulated and the interior is beautiful. It's made to fit in a pickup but with some added side boxes,might fit your...
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    Please re-open the U500 thread!

    Haven, I am sorry that your own problems with Erwin Z has prompted you to close the thread I started last Summer, " U500 crash, two firefighters killed". This is probable one of the most important threads on the Portal. The info gleamed from this thread could save lives. ErwinZ has been...
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    U500 crash, two firefighters killed

    So, what tires now? I am happy to see this discussion carry on. Erwin Z., I appreciate the interest and work you have put in, your info is valuable. I have not been privy to the Reports and am having a hard time getting any copies of the reports. Additionally, I think your info about the...
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    U500 crash, two firefighters killed

    Apparently, , off the record, from numerous BLM employees, they are discussing that the upper seat belt mounts failed because they are not anchored very well. Folks in Winnemucca are saying the lack of steel frame for the cab allowed the seat belt failure. Also, that the truck was running a...
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    U500 crash, two firefighters killed

    Hello, Fellow Moggers, I haven't seen this subject posted on the Net and I thought that I should bring it to all U500 owner's attention. On July 10, 2016 a BLM Unimog U500 rolled over and killed two firefighters, North of Winnemucca, Nv. The Mog rolled several times after a rear tire blow-out...
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    4 Fuso 4X4's for sale. (yes, 4 of them for sale)

    Still on Craigslist Still for sale today on Reno Craigslist.
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    4 Fuso 4X4's for sale. (yes, 4 of them for sale)

    Might be scam.... This might be scam. After I saw the seller's Craigslist add, showing the trucks being located in Reno, Nv., I called the seller. He said the trucks are actually in Bend, Or. Also, I saw other CL adds showing the trucks in Idaho. I emailed the seller last week to see the...
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    Water tanks and baffles balls???

    I used to deliver water to rv's camped in the desert around Quartsite, Az. I used a three hunderd gallon tank on a trailer. It would almost fall over to the outside on curves until I made my own baffle balls. 3" diameter PVC pipe cut in three inch lengths. I filled the tank with the pieces to...
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    F450 Flatbed Camper Build -- High and Short vs Low and Long?

    Hi, I've set-up a few F-450 and F-550 with campers, on flat beds.. you should go with the second drawing. Over hang the rear of the camper off the back. This will result in your roof-line being lower ( always a good thing) and it will be easier to get in the camper. Go see Roberto on the...
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    bought our truck, starting a huge new build!

    Hi All, I am just completing a home-built camper of similar construction. I used many tubes of Sikaflex 252 adhesive to attach China made "E Panels". The panels are made with a 3 mil plastic solid core with aluminum bonded to both sides, painted at the factory, white. I sourced the...
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    Need new parts supplier for Unimog U500

    Thanks for the lead, Charlie. How do I sign up for the EPC?
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    Need new parts supplier for Unimog U500

    Thanks! Hi and Thanks everyone. I know about the usual suppliers for Mog parts but need to zero-in, I think, on folks that carry the U500 stuff. Things like air brake pots and vehicle specific parts. I understand and have suppliers for filters and such- consumables. The outfit in Michigan...
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    Need new parts supplier for Unimog U500

    Hi, I have a 2004 U500 Unimog, located in Northern California. The West Coast Freightliner dealers are no longer carrying U500 parts. I have heard that an outfit in Michigan has bought-out the parts inventories but the dealers won't tell me their name. Can anyone help me? Where else might...
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    diesel 4x4 box truck/camper project

    Might have been Paul Ramer's truck... Hi Folks, I think that this truck might have been the late Paul Ramer's truck. Paul and wife, Cindy, built an Iveco back in the mid Eighties to tour around and demonstrate his gear, that he designed and built in Golden, Colorado- Alpine Research, Inc...
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    Camper mounting help

    Use valve springs Hi All, I've used V-8 valve springs for mounting several beds over the years. I've mounted several large water tanks and many flatbeds using valve springs with a grade-8 bolt up the middle. Never had a failure. I build off-road wildland fire trucks and water tenders for...
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    Want To Buy: Camper

    Hi Folks, I am looking for a camper solution for my U500 Mog. It has a 12' x 7' wide flatbed. I am looking to purchase a used camper for it. The bed is 5' off the ground. I need to keep the travel height under 12' (so the camper has to be less that 7' tall total, so that I can get it in my...
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    Things to watchout for buying Used Fuso/NPR etc

    Hi, I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. I've had all the trucks you are looking at- I've built them into campers and wildland fire trucks. The Mitsi doesn't hold up (if you 4x4 and off-road much) and parts can be tough to find in the West. The majority of the cab-overs have a bad ride and...