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  1. Ryan Rogers

    Parts for 2017 Titans

    Anyone else out there with a 2017 Titan (non-XD)? I'd like to start kitting mine out a little, but I'm not finding much in the way of parts. It looks like there are only two bull bar options currently, and I've found 1 set of rock sliders (calmini). I think I'm going to hold off and see if ARB...
  2. Ryan Rogers

    I was researching a Titan swap for my 2nd gen Xterra...

    I feel like I went wrong somewhere: Really, I needed a bigger truck to pull our pop-up camper long distances. I got my wife and daughter into camping (they love it), but my wife preferred the pop-up over tent camping. I'm willing to give a little if it means a couple weekends out under the...
  3. Ryan Rogers

    Quick! Someone else buy this before it leads to my divorce!

    4x4 turbo diesel weird Japanese van What is not to like! If I buy another wheeled machine, my wife will definitely serve me papers! :sombrero: ...someone needs to turn this beauty into an overlander
  4. Ryan Rogers

    [SOLD] Like new Softtopper for Frontier (58" bed)

    Topper is about 1 year old. Lightly used. We only kept it on the truck when we were camping or on a trip. Was NOT left on truck full time. All mounting hardware (no drilling or truck modifications required) and optional screen window and sun cover (for when folded down) included. Asking...
  5. Ryan Rogers

    The King is dead. Long live the King!

    Well, After about a year with my Frontier, it was traded for a 2015 Pro4X Xterra. The old: The new: I got a call a couple weeks ago from the dealership; they were looking for cars they could put on their CPO lot, and asked if I would be willing to trade. The guy said they would make me a...
  6. Ryan Rogers

    ExPo's opinion? new Xterra or CC Frontier.

    Ive been slowly shopping for a new car. I wantex something that would be a good camping rig. I've slowly narrowed it down to the xterra, a CC frontier, or possibly an FJ. The FJ is likely out, as its much more pricey. So I'm really not sure between the fronty and the xterra. Either will likely...
  7. Ryan Rogers

    How are you carrying your boats?

    I'm curious how everyone carries their boats on trips? Mine go on the roof of our "overland rig" :sombrero: ...but I ask, because I'm not sure this will be very practical when we move up to something a little...taller.