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    I'm not sure it's an expedition without a campfire, but you can make fun of my Montero anyway

    First one uploaded - I'm aiming to finish the rest of them one week apart at this point. Bottom line is my brother in law and I took a little trip from the Mexican border to the Canadian one along a single highway to confirm our suspicion that it's freakin rad. Verdict: did not suck. Hope...
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    Cream of the Cra.... inexpensive TIRES! Let's get this on the table.

    Let's talk about all those other tires, the ones that don't have our favorite familiar brand names on 'em. For the sake of consistency let's keep it focused around All-Terrains since that's likely the bulk of what goes on expedition travel type vehicles & trailers. There are dozens of...
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    Here's a couple ***** off pavement, seen from the side.

    Trying to see what outrunning the DJI off road would look and feel like - took about 38mph before it wasn't able to keep up and lost us.
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    "Pintle" pattern recovery loops

    Who currently offers a pintle pattern (Landcruiser, Pajero/Montero) recovery shackle loop? Duiser used to make one, but I guess they're out of business now. ExpeditionExchange used to offer one but.. I guess they're out of business now. Luso used to make one but changed direction on his...
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    Bolts for skidplates - anything better than ordinary hex bolts?

    I have five fitted skidplates under my 4wd and two of them must come down for oil changes, the remainder must occasionally come down for routine or repair maintenance. They have standard issue M10X1.25 and M12X1.25 class 8.8 flange head hex bolts on them, which are OK but thanks to some...
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    4th Gen Ram 1500 (09-18) 4WD Front Suspension

    I wanted to share this information because it was useful to me and maybe someone else will find it useful. On these trucks the front suspension travel is first limited by the strut and is next limited by the OEM upper control arm whose ball joint runs out of operating angle, and not long after...
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    [discussion] - Why is there no commercial innovation in pickup shells?

    There are a number of good ideas out there for pickup campers... The hand-made, not in production Aerolid - The Chinese sort-of equivalent that nobody's importing... As far as I can tell, all somebody with an existing truck accessories business would need to do is *order these and...
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    Durability (puncture, chip, bruise, etc) of Nitto Dura's

    Does anyone have experience with Nitto Dura-Grapplers on extended off-pavement use? I'm not concerned with whether or not they will have sufficient traction on the worst surfaces or how they will ride, strictly asking if they tolerate hard use on varied terrain; rocks and gravel in...
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    Flashy... or not?

    When I bought my ride... I was thinking "it's inexpensive, has beefy underpinnings, the interior does what I want, junkyard parts will be available for quite some time, and it has very low miles.. cool" Trouble is, it's also kinda flashy. Bright red and curvy - not lookin' very subtle...
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    Pep Boys mud tires, "Definity Dakota MT"

    In case anyone cares, here's the initial lowdown: $571 mounted/balanced/warrantied, minus $108 rebate = $463 net final cost for 4 Miles driven on road: ~550 Miles driven on dirt roads: ~40 Miles driven on true mud hell: ~5 Miles driven in snow (off pavement): ~1 Miles driven on wet...
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    Cheeseburger... in a can. Anyone ever seen this before? I don't know whether to celebrate it for trail food, or run from it in fear.
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    Big custom wheels...

    I'm posting this question for a co-worker of mine - He's got something "Different". think retired blue bird fullsize school bus + drastic body work + HMMWV parts + 53" XZL's So... he needs custom wheels made, the tires require a 20x11" rim with a 10-on-11.25" pattern, 8.5" center...
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    Ever been here before? Ta Ta Hat So

    Ta Ta Hat So - Updated w/ story page 2,-111.860422&spn=0.003894,0.007296&t=h&z=17&om=1 Teaser pics for now... I'll write a little bit about it when I have time.
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    Compression Bags

    Does any company make a compression bag that isn't completely worthless? I've fooled around with everything REI, Cabelas, Outdoor World, Big5, and WalMart sells in that department, and none of the available products are even worth the effort of coming up with a creative insult...
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    On the topic of track width

    So.... I'm contemplating wheel spacers for the rear of my ZR2, and just wanted to bounce pro's, cons around here first before spending the modest coin. The factory track width on a ZR2 is appx. 1.5" narrower in the rear than in the front. According to a GM engineer, this is simply so...
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    This sorta... belongs here?

    When a video promises to impress me, I slouch down and expect to be bored and certainly not impressed by it... this one impressed me. Neato stuff. zoomypixorz!
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    Son of a... Anyone use one of these? I've got a cast iron Hibachi inherited from Dad ("uhh.. here... you can have all his Guy Stuff" ) that's great at home or in a pickup truck, but not so great in a clean, carpeted wagon interior. That and it weighs 24 lbs...
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    Got water?
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    71 Pinz you gotta see (not mine... though i'd like it to be)