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  1. bknudtsen

    1983 Chevrolet K10 6.2 Diesel-SOLD

    Well, with a surprise child due in January, I instantly ran out of seats in my truck. I’d love to keep it, but I need the money for a down payment on something with 4 doors. Asking $11,000. Located in Monroe, WA. Everything I have done is in my ExPo Build Thread but here is a quick...
  2. bknudtsen

    1983 Chevrolet K10 Scottsdale- "The Little Blue Truck"

    Well, everyone else is doing squarebody GM build threads, so I might as well get in while it's still trendy. Introducing "The Little Blue Truck" a 1983 Chevrolet K10 Scottsdale with a 6.2 Litre Detroit Diesel. The backstory I got was that this truck was used on a farm to transport hay around...
  3. bknudtsen

    2007 Chevrolet 2500HD- Project "Agnes"

    Agnes- Despicable Me I'm not afraid to admit it... This was me on July 1st, 2015 when I found a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD CCSB LBZ Duramax/Allison combo with only 46,000 miles for sale. It was lifted, had a canopy, and some other stuff. I had to have it. Like right then... 2 hours...
  4. bknudtsen

    Manny: A Taco Build

    I have wanted a Toyota Tacoma since I saw the First Gens debut. So, in late 2000, being in a position to buy a new vehicle, I went ahead and purchased a 4Runner. I put a TRD Supercharger on it, and it was pretty fun. At that time, I was newly single, and didn't have any substantial debt to...
  5. bknudtsen

    SOLD. 4wd Ford E-350 Diesel with 6" UJoint Lift

    Round two. I know folks will be disappointed, but it's the right choice for us. Four wheel drive conversion! I built this rig over the last two years using the best parts available from Ujoint Offroad. This van will make a great expedition vehicle or boat hauler. Engine is running great with...
  6. bknudtsen

    New E-350 Project: VANdiana Jones!

    10-03-14 Feel free to dive into the original story, or jump to the sequel. Well, I just picked up my new van yesterday. I could go on and on about the trials and tribulations of finding and purchasing a decent diesel van these days, but most of you have already been there, done that. So...