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  1. Joanne

    Thoughts about GSI hard anodized camp ovens

    My friend recently picked up a neat set of GSi hard anodized aluminum ovens. The set consists of a 10” nestled into a 12” along with a lid holder, all packed into a GSI semi-hard case. The whole setup doesn’t weigh much more than a single 10” cast iron oven. Of course weight isn’t the only...
  2. Joanne

    Winch bumper, intercooler, and airflow

    So I sold my F150 and picked up a diesel f-250 super duty. I'm considering a winch for the front but the existing bumper has a large opening to allow airflow to the intercooler. I don't want to compromise performance or reliability, so will a winch bumper provide adequate airflow? Do any of you...
  3. Joanne

    Baking in a cast iron skillet

    Hi all, Just because you don't want to haul a Dutch Oven around with you doesn't mean that you can't enjoy fresh biscuits or cinnamon rolls in the morning. A friend and I recently spent a week camping outside of Tonopah and we wanted to keep our weight down. My skillet was the only piece of...
  4. Joanne

    Redneck shower

    It's an old idea, but it works like a champ. And you can buy a lot of camping gear with the mony you save from one of the high dollar solutions. I mix boiling water and unheated water until I get just the right temperature. Spray paint it flat black and it becomes a solar shower. And yes...
  5. Joanne

    Looking to add driving lights - Your likes & dislikes.

    Hi all, I'm making a few mods to my 96 F-150 and I would like to turn my attention to driving lights. My night vision is getting worse as I get older so I need more light than I did years ago. I explore old mines and have found myself on some narrow hillside tracks where I really needed some...
  6. Joanne

    Tapping power off the battery

    Hi all, I am adding a number of additional electrical circuits to my 95 Ford F-150. I'm adding a fuse block in the cab as well as driving lights and charging line for my trailer battery. I'd like to pull these circuits directly from the battery terminal. The fuse block will have a ground...
  7. Joanne

    Portable fire pan

    Hi all, Here's an idea for a portable fire pan. These pictures come from a guy in England who likes to camp cook, but has to comply with a ban on ground fires. I think it's a pretty clever idea. An old "jerry can" with a grate works as a fire pan. Considering that a lot of us have...
  8. Joanne

    For exploration, not necessarily expedition

    Hi all, I've driven 4 wheel drives most of my life. Somehow they just fit my lifestyle better than a car (or uggghhh, minivan). The very first vehicle my dad had me drive, out on a back road of course, was his white '72 Blazer. For the last 10 years I've been driving a '99 Trooper and it's...
  9. Joanne

    Torsion Axles

    Hi all, I've seen a few discussions about torsion axles on the forum. I really don't have a strong opinion about them one way or the other. They are very popular in the teardrop trailer community. My trailer has springs, but I just built a frame for a friend who is using torsion axles. In the...
  10. Joanne

    Aussie homebuilt camping trailer

    Hi all, Steve down in Australia build this teardrop style offroad trailer. Although it's not a super offroad adventure trailer, it's certainly not a street queen either. There has been some discussion here as to whether a teardrop would stand up to offroad use. I would give a qualified...
  11. Joanne

    Off Road Fabrication Website

    For you serious "do it yourselfers", this might be an interesting site to check out. Lots of information in the forum section. Joanne
  12. Joanne

    obd II - PC based software?

    Hi all, I have a 1999 Isuzu Trooper that's starting to get up in the miles. I'm reasonably familiar with vehicles, tools and simple repairs. I've downloaded the Isuzu manual and would now like to pull the codes out of the onboard computer. I played with shorting the pins and counting the...
  13. Joanne

    Dutch Oven cooking

    Hi all, I do quite a bit of dutch oven cooking when I'm out camping. I've recently started focusing on developing my bread skills. These are some herb-garlic rolls. Not too bad for my first try at these in a DO. Although this Mexican cornbread needs to brown a bit more, it came out...