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    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Stunning drone and steady-cam footage. Keep it up!
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    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Mustache is on point brother.
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    Ok folks Kodiak or Springbar ?

    Ive had my Kodiak 10x10 for 11 years using it 3 times per year in spring rains, winter rains, and summer rains. I've never had a leak that wasn't due to my error in leaving a window unzipped. My Kodiak has always been sturdy and its sewn seams are as strong after a decade of use as they were...
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    Kodiak Canvas 10x14 ATL-GA

    I have the 10 x 10 Deluxe and let me add this is a terrific deal on a great lifelong tent!
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    Kodiak tent questions

    Old thread, I know...but my 10x10 Kodiak flex bow tent is terrific. I've used it 2+ years now and it always is a 10 minute set-up including ground tarp, staking, raising, and the awning. No footprints on mine, why would anyone need to walk on the collapsed tent? Just kneel at the edge of the...
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    FS: 265 / 75 R16 BF Goodrich MUD TERRAINS and Land Rover Steel Wheels

    Tires are SOLD!! $350 for the steel wheels etc. 5 - Land Rover Steel Wheel RRC114560 7J x 16H2 x 57 fits Discovery II '99 - '04 and Range Rover P38A '95 - '02 5 - Land Rover Steel Wheel Center Cap DTC100810G 23 - Land Rover Lug Nut Set including spare ANR4851GA
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    FS: 265 / 75 R16 BF Goodrich MUD TERRAINS and Land Rover Steel Wheels

    Located in Columbus, GA. Shipping would be tremendous but I will check on it. Red
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    FS: 265 / 75 R16 BF Goodrich MUD TERRAINS and Land Rover Steel Wheels

    $900 cash and carry or delivery within reason (plus fuel) These are the spare set of five BF Goodrich Mud Terrain TA KMs from my Discovery II. The 16 x 7 steel wheels are genuine Land Rover painted silver and they will fit Discovery II or Range Rover P38A ('95 - '02). The set of tires...
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    For Sale: 2004 Land Rover Discovery with RTE and HANNIBAL!!

    $14,250 2004 Land Rover Discovery II, Epsom Green, 2nd owner truck with 65k miles and fully transferable extended coverage warranty. Located in Columbus, Georgia. All service completed through Land Rover Hennessy dealer in Atlanta. This truck features Rovertym heavy duty front and rear bumpers...
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    Ok folks Kodiak or Springbar ?

    OJ did a field test a couple of years ago including a Springbar. Essentially the same as a Kodiak. Differences are the Kodiak has a near white roof panel and light tan canvas sides. The poly floor is very thick, and a darker tan color than the walls. The Springbar has slightly green tinted...
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    Ice vs dry ice.

    My experience with dry ice has been good. Too good in fact. My local grocery store has a freezer for dry ice slabs, I think 10lbs each. In a 50qt igloo cooler I put a 10lb slab of dry ice in the bottom, covered by newspaper and a bath towel. On top of that goes a 2 inch layer of wet ice...
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    WTB: Hannibal Roof Rack

    Looking for a Hannibal roof rack for my 2004 Land Rover Discovery II I'm in Georgia
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    Filson Outfitter, all leather, lasts decades. 8 card slots, two card pockets and divided bill pocket. Perfection for $100. I've had mine for 5 years now and it looks new. It replaced a Bosca alligator wallet that fell apart after about 12 years. I actually prefer the Filson even though I...
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    Ok folks Kodiak or Springbar ?

    Yeah, I got free shipping last month from Cabelas. Mine came with the overhead storage net and organizer and both are very useful. Mine came with the huge tent stakes with the hooked heads...they were easy to pound in and remove.