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    Halley - '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    >> ... our club's trip last summer through the remote wilderness of Northern Maine. Hey, Mooselookmeguntic! It is beautiful up that way, though Mooselook may not be as far north as you were, 2180; it’s near where Maine, New Hampshire, and Quebec intersect, up by Rangeley and Oquossoc.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    A great thread, with even greater pictures! .
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    Family of five, driving the world. Size ok?

    >> Will I be able to fit everything I what and need in a 4 door Wrangler? The answer is yes, however that answer also depends on your definitions of ‘need’ and ‘want’. A 4-door Wrangler likely will fit everything you need to take, but it likely will not fit everything you may want to take. You...
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    Grand Cherokee WK2 Off-Road Capability and Reliability

    Every vehicle has its strengths, and its weaknesses. The question becomes, did you buy the right vehicle for you? No rock crawling here. No desire to. I needed a rig to be my daily driver, long road trip comfortable cruiser, occasional tow beast, with decent MPGs, and with some decent off-road...
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    No way, bro! Sick! Custom off-road/expedition/overland trailer for sale

    But he totally blew off the questions from UrbanEscape505 back on post #13. Not cool. Whassup with that?
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    Grand Cherokee WK2 Off-Road Capability and Reliability

    To the OP, as was mentioned upthread, just upgrade the tires and you’ll be good to go. Here are better pics of my wheels and tires. The tires are 255/70-18s. .
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    Grand Cherokee WK2 Off-Road Capability and Reliability

    We’ve been very happy with our 2016 Overland EcoDiesel. It didn’t come Trail Rated or ORA-II badged but I’ve effectively made it equivalent to that. I changed from the stock 20” wheels to 18” Black Rhino wheels and 32” BFG KO2s. The 32” Goodyear Duratracs that I previously had on the 20s were a...
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    Diesel for overlanding- are you happy with the choice?

    I love my CRD Jeep Grand Cherokee, but this aspect — ULSD fuel availability — is a limiting factor as to where I can go. Right now I can drive the 3,500 one-way miles from San Francisco to Deadhorse Alaska, but I seriously doubt I can drive the 4,500 one-way miles from SF to Yaviza at the Darien...
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    Honda Pilot off road testing

    Sounds pretty good, especially for 7-people capacity. I now drive a 2016 Grand Cherokee but my car before this one was a 2001 CR-V that I took overland exploring too. I took that thing everywhere, and places where most don’t take their SUVs, but of course limited by no lo-transfer and no 4WD...
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    Also, thanks Ray G for your good test report.
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    I just got X-Bulls off of eBay too, for $75 a pair. Did I get scammed with cheap knock-off phonies?
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    Real MPGs for your rig?

    What about the Jeep can’t you swallow?
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    Real MPGs for your rig?

    Well then, the diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee might be what you want. It’s medium sized, not quite small, but then again it seats only 5 so it’s on the small side. (Roof rack and space case) (Camping by the Rome Pillars in Southern Oregon) (By the Rome Pillars in Southern Oregon) (On the...
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    Countries Visited: Resource

    I’m confident we have members here who have been to many countries. Shall we use the ISO-3166 list to define what’s a “country”. One example is that England and Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland are really one country — they are the United Kingdom (technically the United Kingdom of Great...
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    Real MPGs for your rig?

    The best I’ve gotten on a complete tankful is 35.5 MPG in adiesel Grand Cherokee — all highway driving, at reasonable speeds and little wind (tail or head). I went 835 miles on that tank. Wish my bladder could last that long.
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    For those that carry Guns and Overlanding

    But those who carry should be trained, not just on proficiency and accuracy but also on target recognition and acquisition, and what is beyond and nearby the target. I’m not saying that you are not trained. I’m making that point as a reminder to those who choose to have a firearm with them — and...
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    Bodie Ghost Town & Mono Lake (Sierra Nevada Mtns of California)

    Last pics. ► that odd, round stone structure — it’s in the middle of nowhere, with nothing else around; odd ► the rest of the pics are from going around the east end of Mono Lake, heading eastward, then southward before heading west and back to US-395; the dirt was a silt-like dust, almost like...
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    Bodie Ghost Town & Mono Lake (Sierra Nevada Mtns of California)

    Pictures from this trip. Old thread. The new interface makes pic uploads from the iPad easier. ► The steep, 26% grade over Sonora Pass / CA-108. ► Bodie church ► 2 pics, east of Bodie at the Nevada state line — dirt road, tiny sign, no casinos ► 3 pics along Mono Lake (with a seagull in flight)...
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    Wheels for my WK2 Grand Cherokee: Rock Stars?

    You missed the point. I needed to downsize from 20 to 18 anyway, so the wheels had to go.
  20. echo7tango

    Wheels for my WK2 Grand Cherokee: Rock Stars?

    I got the Black Rhinos, and BFG KO2s in 255/70-18s. Thanks for your opinions, they helped.