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  1. jpat30

    2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Build

    Nice find; I recently sold my 03 WJ. Like you, I bought a laredo for several of the reasons you listed; dirt simple and bulletproof I6, selectrac combo, no dual zone HVAC with dreaded blend doors to deal with. While true it doesnt enjoy the aftermarket support of say a JK, there are plenty of...
  2. jpat30

    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    "I did a quick search on using "diesel jeep" and found three for sale in the $10k range. Mileage wasn't crazy either." I hadn't heard of that resource. Thanks for the heads up, I ll give it a try.
  3. jpat30

    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    Tell me about it; the trouble has been finding one that doesn't already have 150-200k miles on them. In your opinion, how many miles is the 3.0 good for assuming regular maintenance?
  4. jpat30

    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    Thank you both so much for the information and the link. I am currently on the hunt for a CRD powered WK with the QD 2 powertrain to replace my well-built and well traveled WJ which I sold in 17.
  5. jpat30

    SSF556 Build Up - 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

    Scootr, What is the gear ratio in your axles, I know that it is different for grands with the CRD and the Hemi, but I cant find the info online anywhere... Thanks in advance.
  6. jpat30

    2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Limited 4x4 - $8000 - East Texas

    I know this posting is a little old, but is this rig still available by any chance?
  7. jpat30

    An Intro To Me And My Build (2015 Diesel JGC)

    welcome! The jeep sure looks sweet. I have always had a soft spot for grands. What suspension is your jeep running from the factory? Is it the air ride equipped?
  8. jpat30

    Nissan builds a frontier

    like it alot, but yeah, wished they had started with a pro4x. Its a cool find though!
  9. jpat30


    Nice looking WJ, IMHO, they are really capable out of the box and with few upgrades make awesome DD/weekend warriors. I really like the rubicon wheels on them as well. Here is a pic of my rig that I recently sold. man I miss this thing. Anyway, good luck on your build.
  10. jpat30

    2007 WK CRD #olaf

    Nice looking Jeep and I love your rear plate bracket... You LE?
  11. jpat30

    Price Drop! 2012 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X (ARB, Shrock, OME, etc.)

    Free Bump for a very nicely thought out and executed build. GLWS!
  12. jpat30

    First Family Vehicle "Build" - '16 JKUR

    Did you hike the lighthouse trail while out there? It's definitely my favorite hike in the park, though there are plenty of other cool places to explore too....
  13. jpat30

    Ford Escape e/x Build

    Glad you are back among us.......I always look forward to your posts. The bracket design looks great, will be nice to see the whole rack mounted up on your rig. They say necessity is the mother of all invention......its also a great source of frustration and profanity:sombrero: Sorry to hear...
  14. jpat30

    Jeep Base Vehicle Selection for First NEWB Overland Build

    In a WJ, the Laredo package nets you cloth seats. As far as size goes, the WJ is smaller than it seems. Slightly larger than the XJ and yet smaller than a JKU. I regularly travel with JKU guys and have no problems fitting down the same trails. As for ZJs, they are definitely a good candidate...
  15. jpat30

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    That is so stinking awesome, wow!
  16. jpat30

    Jeep Base Vehicle Selection for First NEWB Overland Build

    I would also encourage you to take a second look at WJs. As stated above, there are now plenty of options for lifts, gears, bumpers, racks, etc....You can still find very solid low mileage WJs for around 3-5k leaving you a lot of budget to build. WJs are bigger than an XJ (while still smaller...
  17. jpat30

    Dilemma : Keep Modded XJ or Get JK Rubicon

    I too was just in this same boat. I have an 03 WJ which I built and love dearly, but it is definitely getting a little long in the tooth, not to mention sometimes I would love to have a newer fresher rig. I looked at a bunch of possible replacement vehicles and very nearly almost pulled the...
  18. jpat30

    Ford Escape e/x Build

    Welcome back man...thanks for putting this back up and I am honored to be the first comment...haha. As I stated in another thread i thoroughly enjoy your writing style and build itself. I love different and unique vehicles that are outside the offense, but I can only take so many jks...
  19. jpat30

    (FOUND)Trying to find a build/trip report: Ford Escape Road Trip

    @ Fugitive, What happened to your thread you had started? I loved that thing. It was so funny and well written...I was reading through it and closed out the forum to run an errand then came back because I was going to comment and it was gone...I was like what the heck..haha. I too believe in...
  20. jpat30

    Pro-4X Build Thread

    1st of all, fantastic looking truck. I just read through the build and it is very well laid out. Good job there. 2nd, how many miles do currently have on the truck and what ballpark figure would you hope to get for it? Thanks.