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  1. Stumpalump

    NuVinci Constantly Variable Hub.

    I got to ride NuVinci 3 wheeled recumbent yesterday. It was amazing. It worked so well and easy that I could not take my hand off the control lever. As you twist the grip it puts the peddle effort or gearing wherever you want it. It really blew me away how easy it “shifted” and how fun and...
  2. Stumpalump

    2008-2018 Overland Journals to trade

    They are in great shape but there may be a few missing. Trade for nice knife or whatever.
  3. Stumpalump

    I broke my partner steel stove.

    I set a disposable plastic bowl of Yummy Chicken noodle soup on a burner that was not cooled down enough. Big melted mess. I poped it apart and it cleaned right up but this trip it’s not burning. The burner looks clean ?? Can I field fix it or wait to soak it at home?
  4. Stumpalump

    12v electric blanket any good?

    Has anybody ever used a 12v electric blanket? How hard was it on the battery? I’m headed out next week and its suposed to be in the 30’s. Thought it might be nice to run for an hour before bed. Can anybody think of a brick and morter that sells them?
  5. Stumpalump

    Partner Steel Stove tweeks

    I was wondering what people do to enhance the use or performance of their stoves. I can heat a cup of water faster on a tiny backpack stove because the burner is so wide that the flame is wasted around the cup. I’m thinking of using a 5”x5” aluminum plate with a 2” hole in the middle to heat...
  6. Stumpalump

    Grumman Sport Boat

    Listed as one of the top 10 boats ever. 110 pounds. 15'4" and built like an extra wide freighter canoe. Can hual 1000 pounds of gear. Paddles, oars, trolling motor or small outboard will push it. Its got two sets of oarlocks so two people can row at once. This one is a 1978 that I got from...
  7. Stumpalump

    3.6L only clicks to start sometimes.

    2011 Grand Cherrokee 2wd. It was my mother in laws car that we use as a daily driver. Dealer said it was up to date on recalls and it needed a battery. I put in a new AGM. It's better but it still only clicks every day at least once. I cleaned all the grounds I could find. Im thinking starter...
  8. Stumpalump

    BFG KDR2+ 35x10.50x15 Dakar

    DOT legal tire! Kartec has them in stock.
  9. Stumpalump

    PLB (Personal locating beacon)

    Just like having a winch on your vehicle a PLB gives you the guts to travel further and deeper. My old McMurdo Fast Find battery is 8 years old and still working but instead of paying $130 to get it replaced I noticed the new ones got cheaper at $208. I think this is the best one because the old...
  10. Stumpalump

    Recovering a truck from a lake.

    A guy had a bum leg, fell down and his truck rolled into the lake. All we saw was the splash while in the boat. The truck had momentum and floated way out 125' from shore but it was floating great! I told the wife to hang on because I thought I may need to rescue occupants. It was empty so while...
  11. Stumpalump

    Nice van maneuver.

    He must have been really fond of those hub caps.
  12. Stumpalump

    Cut off shorts

    What is better than turning your favorite broken in jeans into cut off shorts? The wife just caught me stitching up a pocket that blew out yesterday on my favorite cut offs and it got me to think. Who still wears them and if not why? Are they out of style and looked down apon? My go too shorts...
  13. Stumpalump

    Mountain biker killed by Cougar

    Two Mountain bikers got attacked by a starving cougar. I was stalked in a very remote part of NW Zion Nat Park for four miles by somthing big. Never saw it but always wondered. Be carful out there...
  14. Stumpalump

    02 leaf sprung E350 wanders **FIXED**

    2002 E350 Salem Koger conversion on leaf springs wanders. 118K miles. It always has wandered and is only a problem if I'm tired or if the wife drives. Everthing seems tight and Van is never "off roaded". I increased caster to 5 plus degrees and installed a steering stabilizer. That helped. I'm...
  15. Stumpalump

    Small outboards

    Can deliver to Expo West. More pics on Phoenix Craigslist if you need a great motor. Plastic gas tank. $275 for the 4hp. The 6hp is sold.
  16. Stumpalump

    Selling guns now that Backpage is gone.

    I was going to sell a few guns the old way to build a new desert car but Backpage is gone. You could always go there and see what similar guns were being sold for and list them. What's the best way to find market value and sell a few guns now?
  17. Stumpalump

    Walking shoes

    New Balance men's walking shoes were cheep at the rei online garage sale. I've never had a "Walking" shoe but my daily knocking around shoes were blown out. While walking on pavement your feet can squirm so much you must cinch the laces tight just so you foot stays over the middle of the sole...
  18. Stumpalump

    How do I sew a sidewall.

    I need to sew up an off road tire. A tractor inner tube is used in it so I'm not worried about leaks. Has anybody ever done it. Do I drill holes for the thread?
  19. Stumpalump

    "Get the lead out"

    Drip, drip, drip. The end goal is to remove all lead from fisherman and hunters. There is no amount of lead in biology that is good. It makes humans dumber and kills smaller wildlife. What to do? Ban it? """A bill, AB 2787, was introduced into the California Legislature recently that would...
  20. Stumpalump

    Folding Outboard

    I found a rare 4hp Evinrude that folds in half. Here it is sitting next to my regular version in the 3 hp flavor. Two release levers, a hinge and a split drive shaft with coupling let it fold. I just finished the refirb of the 3hp in December with the plan to keep it forever but now I...