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  1. Alloy

    12VDC Fridge/Freezer Temps

    How cold do the 12V (ARB, Dometic, Engle) units get? Does anyone keeps track of the fridge/freezer temps when in use.
  2. Alloy

    Four Way Titing Solar Panel Mount

    This mount for our solar panels. The hinge pins are removable.
  3. Alloy

    Solved - Separate Signal (Yellow), Brake and Tail/Marker Lights on Trailer

    On our trailer I installed yellow signal lights along the sides and at the back (like a tour bus) using a Curt 2 to 3 wire converter. It worked great until we bought a new F350 and found out that Ford's PWM (pulse width modulation) would not trigger the Curt Converter. The signal lights would...
  4. Alloy

    Separate turn signals and brake lights on trailer.

    After seeing the side signal lights on the 40' buses we wanted to have signal lights along the side of our 35' trailer. Using a Curt 56196 we separated the signal lights and brake lights then added signal lights above each marker light on both sides of the trailer. Everything works great when...
  5. Alloy

    Considering a F550 with singles

    For a few reasons we've been thinking about buying a new F550 to replace our F350 SRW that is used to pull a 5th wheel trailer. In the winter the 2,500lbs pin weight over the back axle makes the SRW a great tow vehicle in the snow. We can pull the trailer through 12" deep snow and there is...