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    New windshield?

    Picked the FG from the storage lot today and windshield has multiple cracks with no obvious cause. Anybody had particularly good luck with a company which replaces FG windshields in the US or Denver?
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    Costway Fridge

    I posted this in the Edgestar thread but I thought I'd start a separate thread since Costway now seems to be one of the least expensive fridges out there. It appears to be a generically branded Smittybilt fridge since the Smittybilt transit bag fits it perfectly...
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    Busbees selling a crew cab

    Converting an FG to a crewcab comes up here once in a while. Busbees currently has a crew cab for sale.
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    Insurance question

    I've got a 1995 Northstar TS1000 on a Fuso FG with service body. Up until recently I've had it insured as a motorhome. However I recently had a roof hail damage claim on the camper and once the adjuster came out and viewed the truck and camper American Family said it would no longer insure the...
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    International Scout with pop up camper
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    Nice stovetop toaster

    Better than the toaster while holds the bread at an angle over the burner. Just got mine and tried it out on our gas stove. Works nicely
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    FWC Granby? Craigslist Denver
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    FWC? in Denver

    Might be available for a decent price
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    Northstar TS1000 comparison on different versions

    We have a 1995 Northstar (Texson) TS 1000. Since I got some insurance money for dents in the roof from hail, I decided to look at a 2002 model for sale locally. Couple of things surprised me. It had a north/south bed as opposed to an east/west bed. This added 18"+ inches to the overhang...
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    Fuso key blank

    Spent about an hour at the locksmith yesterday while he searched for the correct key blank for my 99 Fuso FG. He ended up using a blank from a Dodge Colt which worked fine although the overall key length is shorter than the one which came with my truck. This is no surprise since the Colts...
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    How often do you change oil

    My 99FG has 6k miles on a Shell rotella dynthetic oil change. My Lubrichek shows oil is 2 out of 1. With 10 meaning it needs to be changed
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    Slim Jim on a Fuso door?

    Our truck is currently being used by Australian friends with whom we have done a camper swap. They managed to lock both sets of keys in the cab. Anyone have directions on how to use a Slim Jim on those door locks? They've called road service but I thought if anyone has experience opening those...
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    Fuso FG Camper on Ebay
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    Any experience/opinions on Unique refrigerators?

    They look a lot like Edgestar/Whynter brand frig's. The dual zone is 2" shorter than the Whynter and in my application this would be beneficial. Available here...
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    Vinyl window repair Northstar TS1000

    One vinyl window on our Northstar TS1000 had ripped away from the stitching at the corner. It's a general problem on our camper since I think the vinyl was sewn just a little too short on the corners on most windows. So I ordered a yard of 12 gauge tinted vinyl from Ebay and went to work. In...
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    Saviem TP3 for sale It showed up on my Facebook feed. First I've ever heard of a Saviem TP3. Looks interesting and the price is reasonable if you could bear the thought of owning a Renault. I almost bought a Renault Dauphine when I was a teenager and have since...
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    Darrin Fink's Unimog camper

    I assume it's known on this forum but in case it's not I decided to post. I was in La Junta over the weekend on a trip to see the dinosaur tracks in Purgatoire Canyon and stopped by Terry Lee Enterprises. Darrin Fink's Unimog camper is in their yard and for sale. I was told $55k. Lots of...
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    Fuso air filters

    Someone mentioned on here that OE Fuso filters flow better than aftermarket. Since I have a vacuum gauge/filter minder on my air intake and had a new aftermarket filter installed I decided to experiment. Got a new OE Fuso filter and took pictures of the gauge with the aftermarket and Fuso...
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    Overhead cab storage shelf

    Anyone tried adapting one of these shelves to an FG? Here's one in a Ford truck:
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    FWC Grandby $900