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    Painless wiring 250 amp dual battery current control system. New!

    $115. I am sure someone could use this? It's a slick little setup. Thanks!
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    Painless wiring 250 amp dual battery current control system. New!

    Price dropped to $130. Shipped conus. Thanks!
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    ARB twin compressor and ARB pump up kit, New!

    Sale pending funds, thanks Jeff
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    ARB twin compressor and ARB pump up kit, New!

    Purchased these and did not end up using them, #ARBCKMTA12 12volt twin compressor and #ARBPUKT pump up kit. These retail for $517.75 for the compressor and $35.00 for the pump up kit through my local shop JustDifferentials. Would like to get $450. Shipped for the set. Thanks Jeff
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    What is everyone using to power their portable fridges?

    I don't have a ARB fridge but I have a older Norcold, and I use a 100watt solar panel that feeds to a yellow top optima to power all my equipment. And then on the no sun days I usually pack along the old trusty 2000watt Honda generator to make up for the lack of sunshine. Got my whole solar...
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    Maxtrax group buy?

    I would be in for a pair of orange.
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    New to "car" camping. What family tent for family of 4?

    We got the kodiak deluxe 10x14 tent and love it, got us a mister buddy heater and your set for year round camping. Easy to set up holds up to downpours, wind and snow. Just make sure to dry it out before storage. Jeff
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    1991 80 Series LC Lift,Tires,Gears Ready to Explore! Wenatchee, WA

    91 Land Cruiser For sale truck features, ARB Winch bumper, IPF lights on bumper, ARB Safari Snorkel, ARB Compressor mounted under the hood, Optima Red top battery, New ALL brass radiator in the last 2yrs, new water pump, hoses and fan clutch done at same time as radiator. 35X12.50X15 BFG All...
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    Air mattress suggestions

    We got a queen size fuzzy topped one at shopko for $20. On sale intex brand with a weight limit of 600# we got a couple of them because after a few years of use they become to patched up to use anymore. So you might check your local stores first. I wouldn't dump too much into one because it's...
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    Trasharoo ExPo Group Buy - Round 4!

    Got ours on Tuesday thanks for setting this up again!
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    Trasharoo ExPo Group Buy - Round 4!

    Money sent for a tan with black logo. Thanks
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    Winterizing expo trailer

    I always drain my water tank and then flush and fill my water system with rv antifreeze, fill tank run thru lines etc. but not sure how to treat for mice since we don't have issues with them where I am at. Jeff
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    Redneck shower

    I did the same thing but mine is red. Lol I got about $65. Bucks into mine all brand new!
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    Bantam T3-C Build

    Yeah they are 5 on 5.5" there's no way you could get a 4.5" over the spindle/bearing housing but they do make adapters. Best route would be change out the axle assembly like mentioned. Looks great though! And I am really enjoying my little Bantam trailer and looking forward to seeing your progress!