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    Spare tire?

    @locrwln That is a slick looking rig. Is that the Bundutec Free? Modified for flatbed, I guess. Their website is awful - can't even get a sense of what the campers look like inside. But your pic makes it look really solid. May have to consider one of those instead of Hallmark or Alaskan!
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    Spare tire?

    BTW, it's all complicated because I'm trying to have it all - rig that is small enough to get off the beaten path, but capable enough to lug around my family of 4 (with my 14 y.o. son approaching 6' already!). I should probably just give up that idea and concede that we'll need something bigger...
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    Spare tire?

    Thanks for the replies guys! I haven't purchased my vehicle yet, but I've been leaning towards a Ram 3500 and either an Alaskan or Hallmark. I had been leaning towards the 8.5 foot - a little more space in the Alaskan, and a wet bath possibility in the Hallmark. But the 8.5 foot would probably...
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    Spare tire?

    Sooooo... On just about any off-road vehicle, all the way from rock-crawlers to huge Unicat expedition vehicles, the spare tire(s) is a fairly prominent feature. Yet, I rarely, if ever, see them on truck campers, even those on this forum, which are probably off-road a fair amount. The ideas I...
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    Hi Greg - when you had the KW converted to 4x4, did they replace the front axle with something a bit more off-road-worthy? From what I can see, it comes stock with one of those upside-down axles that would really kill your clearance. Thanks - Jason
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    1994 Ford F-700 5.9 12V Cummins Diesel 4x4, Missouri, $10,000

    "Never seen mud or been off-road"...except, you know, in the picture in the ad itself!
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    Good looking chassis to build an incredible expo vehicle

    I can't imagine that those are street legal, assuming you could put something on top of the chassis that passed any inspection. Kinda limits the "expedition" vehicle nature of the opportunity... But they ARE cool :-)
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    2005 dodge cummins 3500 SRW OVERLAND FLATBED 6speed 129k (Golden)

    That is a pretty sweet truck. I'm sure that Manuel will be sorry to part with it.
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    2015 Dodge Ram motorhome for sale

    Dang, so you are building ANOTHER one?!? That is so awesome that I might cry. :-) Jason
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    2015 Dodge Ram motorhome for sale

    That has got to be the best N.A. expedition vehicle I have seen. Much better (IMHO) than the EarthRoamers, and better than GXV and Unicat because it's based on a truck we can actually buy here... If you don't mind me asking, why are you selling it so soon? I thought this was to last for 20...
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    2013 AEV JK 350 for sale - SC

    DANG! Because I would really like a 6 speed :-( Your Jeep is beautiful. GLWS.
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    2013 AEV JK 350 for sale - SC

    6 speed automatic? In a Jeep? I don't think so.
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    Am I Crazy????

    We had an LR3 (one of the first years - 2006, I think). I LOVED driving the LR3 - great handling and ride, but still feels like a truck, super-comfortable. BUT, what a piece of crap. We probably spent $25k in repairs as well, during only 5 years and about 70k miles on a new car. Not all of this...
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    Jeep Auxiliary Wiring Basics

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the replies! I have ordered an sPOD. They upsold me - of course - on the dual LED option... I ordered my fridge (National Luna) from Adventure Trailers, and he advised me to not go through the sPOD. He is sending me a wiring kit, so I will probably just wire that...
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    Jeep Auxiliary Wiring Basics

    Hello All! I just bought a bunch of toys for the JKUR: - 4 Rigid D2 Dually LED lights (2 driving, 2 wide) - 1 IPF backup/work light (to mount on the rear tire carrier) - National Luna fridge/freezer (to be mounted on Adventure Trailers combo slide) - Warn Zeon winch I have wiring for each...
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    1973 Pinzgauer 712M 6x6 $16000 CDN

    Actually, no, it's approximately US$13,345. Not sure what you would have to pay for import, taxes, etc., but it is kind of cheap. High mileage, though.