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  1. ucs308

    In the USA / Isuzu NPR-HD / Which Year(s)

    I am 90% certain that my base truck for building a camper will be a light truck and not a Sprinter. Sprinter costs right now are insane and the end result cramped and limited. I need a crew cab - dog kids etc. I would love 4x4 for peace of mind but no matter how i look at it i need the crew cab...
  2. ucs308

    Importing Vehicles.

    Nubie question. Where do I start researching the rules and regulations of importing a diesel vehicle from Europe and titling and insuring it in the USA ( I live in California). I am not trying to avoid taxes, but am looking to buy and build a camper and be able to insure and title it for travel...
  3. ucs308

    Anybody know who makes this?

    I saw this about a year ago in Alaska. I thought it was an EarthCruiser.. But I don't think so. Anybody have any idea who made it?
  4. ucs308

    Help choosing 4x4 Sprinter.

    I have read through A LOT of build threads, but still need a little help. I want to transition from a 4Runner (sleeping on the roof) to sleeping inside. The 4x4 Sprinter (converted or factory) is high on my list but I am concerned about getting stuck (i.e. stuck off-road ) in a long (170)...
  5. ucs308

    Fuso options.

    I am looking at (over time) building out or buying a camper based on the Fuso. It seems like the little-big-truck that can do it all. My first batch of questions are. 1. The truck will be based in California and I am wondering if there are any model years, engine combinations, that would be...
  6. ucs308

    ARB Compressor Wiring.

    I am working on an ARB Twin compressor install. I have decided to put it under the passenger seat and I want to wire it through a switch that I have bought from Air-On-Board - they have switches that match my 2014 4Runner OEM's - into a relay / circuit breaker combo. The amperage is going to be...
  7. ucs308

    ARB Slide Latch.

    Does anybody know what type of latch ARB are using on their slide out. I see the drawer is using a paddle latch, but I am looking for ideas on how to latch the slide for my fridge and can't work out what type of latch ARB are using. I am making my own slide for a national luna. Thanks in...
  8. ucs308

    Front Runner 60L Water Tank

    I want to use the Front Runner 60L tank for a 4Runner project. To make optimal use of the space I intend to place the tank in a "drawer". To do this I need to attach a recessed filler cap. But it looks like the filler cap on the tank is a non-standard size, larger with coarser thread than I have...
  9. ucs308

    HAM / Alaska / 2M & HF?

    A completely NOOB question. I am wondering how useful a 2M only setup would be for my upcoming trip to Alaska. I need to use my time carefully and I wanted to make sure that going to the trouble of installing a 2M only rig would be worth it. Thanks in advance.
  10. ucs308

    3 sockets, same location, how many wires.

    I am going to put three sockets in the back of a 4runner. I am using 10 gauge cable and running these cables to a Blue Sea Fuse block in the engine compartment. Space is tight so I don't want to run 2 wires for each if I don't have to. Is it possible to run the live wires for each socket so...
  11. ucs308

    5th Gen 4Runner / Dual Battery / Bits and pieces.

    I am considering going with the Luna Dual Battery setup and adding a separate fuse box for fridge and radios, etc. First hurdle out of the gate is a mounting plate for the aux battery and fuse box. This is for a 2014 4Runner TE. Can anybody pint me to a source for good quality battery holder or...
  12. ucs308

    WTB: RTT Maggiolina Medium.

    I would prefer the extreme but would consider other models. PM if you have one available. Thx. I am in the SF Bay Area. Will to collect.
  13. ucs308


    Hi! I am done lurking and now need advice. Is the absence of LR2 build threads, and LR2 after market stuff a sign that the LR2 is really not very capable off-road? Or just that people believe the LR2 is just too small? There is not much LR2 coverage here, that I can find. I can't work if people...