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  1. ucs308

    2018 4x4 sprinter adventure wagon setup

    That’s kinda rude and provocative. I got no reason to lie and I believe you when you say you have sold simple builds for more than 100K. That is the beauty of diversity. Some people is savvy shoppers. Some don’t care.
  2. ucs308

    2018 4x4 sprinter adventure wagon setup

    With a little effort you can get Revel for much less.
  3. ucs308

    Iveco Magirus 4x4 - $25,000

    Is this the same vehicle that was for sale in Vaccaville CA? A short while ago?
  4. ucs308

    Iveco Magirus 4x4 - $25,000

    Registered in which state?
  5. ucs308

    What shell does this Tacoma have on the back?

    Thanks. It looks like he made it. It also looks a lot like a fiftey ten ( )
  6. ucs308

    In the USA / Isuzu NPR-HD / Which Year(s)

    That sounds about the same as Unimogs, Iveco Trucks, MAN Trucks, Pinz, LTMVs pretty much any of the larger trucks are going to lack comfort and be noisey. But the NPR / Fuso seems closer - not close - to what we have gotten used to with our daily drives. And, at least the times I have driven...
  7. ucs308

    In the USA / Isuzu NPR-HD / Which Year(s)

    I am in California or as DzlToy puts it Commiefornia. Take a look at you might want to call ahead and make sure they will be giving you an Isuzu Cab Over.
  8. ucs308

    In the USA / Isuzu NPR-HD / Which Year(s)

    I am gonna assume your questions are for DZLToy. But I have driven those trucks. I have not driven the Fords. Only Toyotas. They are noiser, less comfortable. But I assume that can all be fixed, or substantially improved. New seats, sound proofing. I can rent the Isuzus at my local Enterprise...
  9. ucs308

    In the USA / Isuzu NPR-HD / Which Year(s)

    DZLToy thanks for your response. It helps a LOT! There were a couple of others here from Davidl3 ( I think ) but they seem to have been deleted. He recommended a Dana 60 at the front and I think a Sterling for the rear. Do you know of any shops that can do this work? Do you know if this has...
  10. ucs308

    Eezi-Awn Stealth...

    one thing to consider and make sure you are happy with, is how the tent is put away. I have a Baroud that allows for putting a spare wheel on top. On a long trip to Alaska with my 8 year old, I came to hate the RTT. Every morning it was an utter struggle to put the thing away. The struts -...
  11. ucs308

    Best (Or Most Dependable) All-Terrain Tire?

    Be careful with the K02s. I found in wet icy snow, the tires don’t shed any build up and you can pretty quicky find yourself with a perfectly smooth tire. Other than that i have had no problems in 50k miles, from the top of Alaska down to the deserts of Cali.
  12. ucs308

    In the USA / Isuzu NPR-HD / Which Year(s)

    I want the truck registered in Cali. As far as i know that limits my options. Unimog Dokas are more than i need. MAN trucks and other options, including many MOGS have to be 25 years old or more. They are also bigger than i want. But maybe i missed an option? So i said where i need to register...
  13. ucs308

    Looking for new project.

    Looking for new project.
  14. ucs308

    In the USA / Isuzu NPR-HD / Which Year(s)

    I am 90% certain that my base truck for building a camper will be a light truck and not a Sprinter. Sprinter costs right now are insane and the end result cramped and limited. I need a crew cab - dog kids etc. I would love 4x4 for peace of mind but no matter how i look at it i need the crew cab...
  15. ucs308

    1992 Land Rover Defender 110, LHD, 200 TDI For Sale

    Not sure if a price is required for links to external ads. But the asking price is currently 55,900.00
  16. ucs308

    For sale: Expedition Truck

    How many does this seat up front? Subject says it all. There are no pictures of the cab.. so wanted to know.. how many could sit up front.
  17. ucs308

    Mercedes Sprinter 170" 4x4 OSV Adventure Van

    No prices as far as i can see. Just a comment that only people who understand that OSV makes a ridiculously overpriced conversion should apply. "These vans are highly sought after by those who know what they are looking for and I am interested in inquiries from this type of a buyer only"
  18. ucs308

    Perky Mog For Sale - Unimog U500 Chassis

    I wish I could get a house that size for so little!
  19. ucs308

    Overland Explorer Composite Flatbed Truck Camper For Sale***SOLD***

    I understand changing the thread to indicate sold status. But it is a little weird that you deleted the price too Why would you do that? Since you have been pushing your product and services so hard in this thread then why not leave the price in?