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    Mounting a ham face plate via cassette deck. Questions.

    I drive a 2007 LX470 and just picked up a Yaesu FTM-400XDM. For me the perfect place to mount the remote face plate is where the cassette opening is in the dash. I've looked online for some sort of mount and while I've found a few I'm not totally convinced that these will work and be sturdy...
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    JK Wheel Well Storage Bags $90

    SOLD I had these mounted in my '13 JK (2 door) and loved them. They mount around the wheel wells with the bolts that keep the hard top attached to the tub. On the 4 door it uses 2 factory holes but on the 2 door you need to add one hole and use one that is already there. I liked having these...
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    2013 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) mildly built $26.5K

    I'm selling my 2 door Wrangler to get something with a bit more interior room. I've owned this for 18 months and have really enjoyed everything about it. I've upgraded some parts to make it more capable but haven't gotten so crazy with mods that it drives poorly or is unreliable. I've done the...
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    Dust proofing a DIY trailer? Is this possible?

    I am about 85% done with my build and took the trailer out last weekend to the San Rafael Swell with my club. It did really well and we had perfect weather and a great time but the dust covering everything drove me nuts. I am wondering if I have unrealistic expectations. Right now my trailer...
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    Whats the best way to attach fenders to a DIY trailer?

    I've got my trailer almost done and need to attach the fenders. I had thought I should bolt them on and started to go that direction but kind of got lost at that point. Here I've got the supports tacked on and the fender is being supported by a few jacks for spacing. You can see the fenders...
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    How much floor bracing is needed?

    I'm building my scratch trailer and got all my sheet fitted today. The tub is 4x6 with two braces from side to side. The sheet I've got is 18 GA and I don't want it to bow like a lot of the m416/m100s that we see so often. What do you guys think? More bracing or leave it be?
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    Scratch Build Questions

    I'm just about to get started on a scratch built trailer and had a few questions that I couldn't find answers to easily. I'm trying to determine the axle width I need and am curious: how much clearance do I need from the tire to the tub of the trailer. I'm planning to run a 3500# axle with...
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    Looking for feedback on alternative switch wiring for e-locker.

    I am hoping that I can get some feedback about wiring up my new locker in a non typical way. I know what I want to do in my mind, but am not sure if it is feasible or whether its a good idea to pursue it further. I can cut and splice wires as good as the next guy, I just don't know the magic...
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    HAM antenna mount question on a JK.

    I have a CB antenna currently mounted on my JK using the CoolTech Ultramount which mounts the antenna above/through the rear license plate bracket. I really like this setup and think it looks great, it also worked quite well this last weekend on a group trip using my Cobra 75 and a 4'...
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    Looking for feedback on CVT Black Butte (Ground Tent)

    As suggested in the title I am looking for owner feedback on the CVT Black Butte. At this time I am not interested in an RTT and feel like for the price and current discount this tent could really work for me. I am a little unsure about how sturdy it is in wind and weather. I have searched...
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    What width front bumper are you running and why did you pick that one? (JK)

    What style bumper is the best style for overlanding? The goal for my '13 JK (2 door) is to be light weight but I'm on a budget so Aluminum isn't really an option. I have been looking at bumpers for a while now and am having trouble deciding on anything. I have looked a lot at the Expedition...