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    My Aluminum Expo Trailer Build #2

    After repurposing my first aluminum trailer for kayaking I needed another one for my beach trips. Now it is time to do another one. Pics to come as I make progress. Here is the link to the first trailer. Pics of...
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    JKU Rear Seat Removal and Aluminum Tray Build

    I decided to remove the 60 side of my 60/40 rear seat in my JKU and build a tray to take its place. I started with a bracket that lets you remove the 60 side of the seat. This brackets gives the 40 side seat a place to attach to the floor. I then used a wide plank aluminum cargo carrier and...
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    New Steelies

    I finally got my new (old school) wheels for my Jeep. 16x8s. 4.5 inch backspacing. Dual bolt pattern. Bought from Summit Racing.
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    Aluminum Expo Trailer Build

    After selling my expo trailer I'm going to see what I can do with my aluminum Featherlite to make it trail and travel ready. (Sold expo trailer thread Here is where I started. Pics show what it looks like after...
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    Francis Marion National Forest SC Day Trip

    Been looking for some one day trips in SC. Been living here my entire life and have yet to see it all. After looking at Toyman's thread of his day trip through the area, this was all the inspiration I needed. The wife and I loaded up and headed out at around 7 am and got back home at around...
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    For Sale: Seiko SKX173 200m Diver's Watch

    For Sale: Seiko SKX173 200m Diver's Watch Fully Automatic. No batteries required. Winds itself as you wear it. Store it in the winder when not being worn to keep it wound. Worn just a few times. Excellent shape. Comes with the winder and box. $140 Shipped in the Continental US. Thanks.
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    For Sale Expedition Trailer

    Unforeseen circumstances force sale of my newly built expedition trailer. Everything on trailer is new including the three aluminum racks and kayak/canoe rack. Wheels are new Rubicon wheels with new 255/75/r17 Cooper AT3s. Trailer has removable 5lb. propane bottles and top rack can be removed...
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    Jump Seat for Mod/Conversion

    Saw this mod/conversion done on another forum. Some folks were taking their back seat out of Jeeps or whatever to have more room for equipment or dogs but were looking for a jump seat for that third person. I have a narrow jump seat I took out of my 2013 Ford F150 truck to install a console...
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    My xPo Trailer Build

    Started building my xPo trailer. Been gathering parts. Got tires mounted today on spare Rubi wheels that I bought from Crazy Mike here on the forum, adapters came to mount wheels. Cut some steel, got some boxes. Now I just got to figure out how it all goes together. More pictures to come as the...