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  1. ben_j_c

    The Expedition Portal 7.3L Diesel Excursion

    Chris - I have been following this setup and adding ideas to my F250 to-do list. However, it coming up for sale is very tempting. Do you have any photos with the rear seats in and the goose system? Does it all lay flat? We have two kiddos that would need seats, but love camping in the back...
  2. ben_j_c

    Camping equipment clearance... Exped mats, Goretex jackets, Marmot

    Got my red Marmot ROM jacket. Thanks for the great deal and fast shipping!
  3. ben_j_c

    The $500 Grandby Project....

    For the mold/mildew I have very successfully used Mildew Remover from Bass Pro. It is totally worth it and works great. Keep in mind you should rewaterproof the canvas after treatment.