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  1. Ashton

    Hyundai Tucson aka Firefly Maiden Voyage

    While Serenity is dry docked getting worked on (that's our 1994 Dodge 2500 5.2 adventure rig), we recently picked up this compact SUV to help satisfy the adventure spirit. Spring has sprung, and as most of you know, the itch to get out and explore is strong. She's a capable little vessel. With...
  2. Ashton

    Survival survey for a paper due

    My lady is having to write a paper for a final about survival skills and experiences, and to that end we developed a little questionnaire that will hopefully gather a pool of information and ideas we can research and use to fill our paper. We will take all the ideas and determine the most used...
  3. Ashton

    Open for debate: RV or Rig and trailer?

    Stars are aligning and things are working out and the dream of traveling the country while working from the road is almost a reality. The woman and I are able to finally make serious considerations as to what our home and travel vehicle will be for this adventure. We went and saw some RV's...
  4. Ashton

    Winter camping in the Sierra Nevada

    Just a few pics of the last camping trip of the year we did new years eve up by Lake Spaulding on Grouse Ridge. Was a beautiful spot, just below the snow line (with some around to play in) and no wind for the night. Wonderful camping. Also the first outing for our new pack member Artie, the...
  5. Ashton

    Thread link - Plumas NF BDT

    Made the first 2 sections of the Plumas BDT last weekend in the rig. We have officially christened the truck and she now stands as ՈOV Serenity. That reads as Ոnorthodox Overland Vehicle Serenity, named after the firefly class starship that shares its namesake with sci fit feature...
  6. Ashton

    Plumas NF BDT

    I ran the first two stages of this BDT last weekend, and I am currently working on a trip report over in the CA/NV regional forum. Hope yall enjoy, and stay tuned for the rest of the...
  7. Ashton

    HELP!! Dana 44 front diff drain plug is stuck. 2nd gen Ram 2500

    And is driving me ****ing insane! I've used a quarter can of penetrating oil and let it soak overnight, heated on it with a butane torch till it ran out, banged on it with a hammer, torqued a wrench on it... I can't get the thing to budge. I need to fill my dana 44 front axle on the 1994 Dodge...
  8. Ashton

    Getting the suspension shored up - '94 Dodge 2500

    I've been playing with borrowed time, so far as my suspension is concerned, and this recent weekend out with the lady and our pooch reminded me how badly I need to replace a bunch of parts underneath the truck. I'm standing by for an email quote for Moog products, with part numbers so i can put...
  9. Ashton

    Bowman Lake Rd - TNF

    Link to my thread in the CA and NV regional forum.
  10. Ashton

    '53 Willys in Yuba/Sutter County

    Link to my thread in the CA and NV forums. I've also posted this in the for sale. I AM NOT THE SELLER, DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS.
  11. Ashton

    FS: '53 Willys in Yuba/Sutter County California (N.Cali)

    I AM NOT THE SELLER NOR AM I A BROKER IN ANYWAY. THIS IS PURELY INFORMATIONAL. I don't know enough to evaluate this, as far as a deal goes. I know it looked like surface rust and grease were the major clean ups. I didn't look deep, but I didn't see any obvious cancer spots. I haven't seen this...
  12. Ashton

    Opinions on using palates for building storage boxes.

    Broke a few apart. Some were a nice cherry color. Using them for a storage box 24" long x 32" wide x 12" deep. 4x2's and 2x2's as frame. Wondering what I can use to seal 'er up after I put her together. Would like to keep the wood look to it.
  13. Ashton

    My other hobbies include...

    A few pictures from my outdoor activity the other day. We have been having some rain days up here in Gold Country lately, so I took advantage of a cool, sunny day to get out and enjoy my other favorite outdoor activity. I run Spartan Races for fun, so my training usually happens in similar...