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  • Hello, Zuren, I saw your post on shocks for your van. Did you ever settle on a pair? I have a 2004 Chevy Express Explorer 5.3 2wd and was looking to get Blistein shock, but I seem to be running into a similar problem you did. What was your outcome? Thanks...
    Hi Zuren, I was wondering, did you ever figure out why cranking your torsion bars didn't provide any lift?
    Hello Ilya,

    Your English is better than my Russian! :) I understand you well enough that I think I should be able to answer your questions. Please ask!

    Hello, can I ask you about Chevy express? I am from Russia, my English is bad. I have car like your. Gmc savana cargo 1500 awd http://mikrob.ru/viewtopic.php?f=763&t=94314 here you can see it. White. This car wery expensive in Russia but Russians love USA cars. Every stap to tune this car is difficult and expensive, in Russia we not have experience about gmc savana. This car 2008 odometer 95 000 miles I was take fore 30 000 dollars , car , shipping, Russian aggressive custom, and sellers money. I have questions, please answer, do you understand my English? )
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