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    FishinGuns’ 2500 Suburban Build Thread

    Keep this in mind if you break another interior door handle. repair kit Much cheaper than a whole door panel. Great start so far!
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    At a Project Crossroads... Unsure of Direction

    I hate taking any vehicle of mine completely offline unless I have to. As somebody that works in the auto industry, I also understand there really isn't a magic fix for coolant leaks that comes out of a bottle. However, GM did develop a tablet to seal up nagging issues on the leak-prone...
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    Chevrolet Pronto 1975 fire engine

    If I remember from the other one on here, it's basically a K20/30 frame with the P-chassis forward controls. Looks like a really cool starting point.
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    At a Project Crossroads... Unsure of Direction

    He's already got a 454 laying in wait right now. I agree, dumping money into the 6.2/6.5 diesel platform with all of its known problems is a waste. I know there are fans out there and I am not one of them. Having seen a crank snap in two in my buddy's Suburban a block away from his house...
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    At a Project Crossroads... Unsure of Direction

    I totally understand what you are facing. Either way you go is going to take time, effort and money to get done. It comes down to what your ability is and how much you really want to put into it. In my case, I've got a lot of time and money into two complete drivetrain swaps on my truck. In...
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    At a Project Crossroads... Unsure of Direction

    As a squarebody guy, my heart says swap that big block in and fresh up the rest of the drivetrain and brakes and go. I'm making it more simple than it really is, but on the other hand, I get the want/need to get on the trail sooner and be reliable. Swapping the box is an option for sure, but...
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    1973 K10 Wilderness Camper Budget Build

    Nice work! Glad to see you are still at it. Going with Fuel Injection is a great move. Keep going!
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    Phantom Canyon and Shelf Road (Colorado)

    Cripple Creek is one of three mountain towns that have legal gambling in the state. Compared to Central City and Blackhawk, Cripple Creek hasn't gone completely "vegas" on the massive size of the casinos. I don't live too far from there and made that run in the past. The town of Victor where...
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    2000 Suburban K1500 budget low lift with 37"s

    The devil you do know can be better than the one you don't. You can have that 4L60 built to to be much stronger for less than the cost of getting into another rig. I like full on builds too, but I'm at a point where I just want to use my junk rather than start over on a new build. So...
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    Vehicle Choices

    Hmm, my taste leans to the Sub. But not with a RTT. You got enough space inside the burb to haul a lot and still sleep inside it. That does depend on how many are going to with you too. Ideally I'd combine some of the parts you got. Namely the nv4500 trans from the '92 truck into the...
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    The Camp 4x4 Bus - 1973 Suburban 8.1 Swap & Build

    3" is going to be hard to route between the 205 and the frame. With 2.5" I was really tight to the point I was concerned about cooking the fuel lines. I'm not sure 3" will fit.
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    The Camp 4x4 Bus - 1973 Suburban 8.1 Swap & Build

    8.1 manifolds won't fit between the squarebody frame rails without cutting the rails. Mine are late squarebody cast manifolds. They tuck in tight to the block. but TBI manifolds from GMT400 trucks fit too. Here's a shot of mine with less in the way to block the view. Larry used...
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    The Camp 4x4 Bus - 1973 Suburban 8.1 Swap & Build

    Nice Burb! I like the air box setup too. As far as the exhaust goes, I'm running stock big block truck manifolds to avoid the exact interference you have. I had a full 2.5" true dual setup with x-pipe from there. Zero clearance issues at the shackles. Given the fact that these trucks don't...
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    1977 K10 Stepside -The Grinch build

    In for the Square. Good work so far. I'm not a oil burner fan, but if it is working for you keep rocking it. Keep an eye on the balancer as it's a known reason why the 6.2's commit suicide. I'm always happy seeing these old trucks getting used for play and work.
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    Atl-Atl's old truck. You can see what he did with it here. This is the only K5/FWC camper for sale east of the Mississippi that I'm aware of. And the ad's note that the camper sleeps four is VERY optimistic. Four very small people maybe. Two average-sized adults makes for a cozy setup...