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    New Bronco

    using the online config system, I cant see how one can get the manual with either lockers or35’s i think waiting for a spell and seeing what aftermarket gear comes out, will be the way to go. I see buying a base truck in 7speed and adding on wheels, gears tires flairs etc as the way to go if a...
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    Thoughts on an 1986 isuzu trooper 2.2 diesel

    They throw rods. I have an RS gasser and I just use it to commute and local fun. I would not consider a gen 1 for overlanding unless it’s the challenge of parts availability you want.
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    price gouging.

    Um... No... Nope... thats wasnt it, great theory though. The same hornady bulk frontier went from 28c to 41c. I had saved the link as I was going to try some and didn't have my wallet on me when I ran across it.
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    Ultimate F550 ArcLab / Total Composites camper for sale US$475.000

    its quite easy to run up a tab on custom build, and not be able to recoup it. Never be the nicest house in the neighborhood if roi is your bag. And, that’s likely the issue here. The neighborhood it looks to be in. The cost vs the footprint, chassis, and body curb appeal is off. I’m sure the...
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    Ultimate F550 ArcLab / Total Composites camper for sale US$475.000

    As builts . It needs to come with as builts.
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    being its a take down, and youre not gonna hit the ground running anyway, I'd rather have an aug broken down and packed in there.
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    other than losing a few hundred fps, its basically an m16.
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    I bet its a 45. other than that, thanks for telling me you had nothing to tell me. i learned a lot.
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    magnifier eye relief...

    i was just shopping new micro magnifiers for an eotech, and a thought occurred to me as i was looking at finding adequate eye relief.. the micros are shorter, but the eye relief is the same, so unless you wanna ditch irons on a AR or have an awfully long neck, im not seeing how that works my...
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    Suggestions requested

    unless you feel like walking around with a 7 pound lump of metal to keep it where it needs to be at all times, get pepper spray. besides, you can arm the whole family with pepper spray. you can have a lampoons vacation pepper spray cross fire if you wish, and at least you all wont die from...
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    price gouging.

    i notice bulk 556 went from 30c to 40c a round in 4 days. i guess people are looking towards a coronapocalypse.
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    Land Rover Defender 110 with Alucab poptop

    use one of my places in PA for registration, keep it here, and i'll keep things properly lubricated by taking the time to put a few miles on it. really, what more can i do for you?
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    Land Rover Defender 110 with Alucab poptop

    this is the "zimm quits life, and goes fly fishing" build. its all pig like me needs. Shezimm is not compliant though.
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    So is a '9000' class winch 'enough' for a 6500# Suburban

    i used an 8000 pound warn, on a 7800 pound landcruiser and winched the ******** out it for yeeeeaaars. Why? A few considerations. Size/speed ratio. For many products, one unit covers a range of uses. In this case the 8000 was a 9500 with a different faster gearset, so I knew ahead it was sized for...
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    Is it ****************?

    Under the q&a it has a 40psi cfm of 1.96... I'm calling ****************. the 3/4 puma, the standard in cheap ******** supercomressors claims 2, and i use one so i can believe it. anyone have one?