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  • Hey Zidaro, first off great looking tundra! I also have a 2nd gen that I am building up. I was wondering how happy you were with that size duratracs on your tundra? Do you think going to a 34-35" tire would increase you offroad performance that much?

    Also, if you ever get some free time, I would love if you could snap a side profile of your truck without the camper on? I am trying to decide if the 275/70r18 duratracs will look good enough with the OME lift kit. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
    Hey Aron! Great chatting with you. We changed our plans a bit, and didn't make it back up to Mammoth. Hope to run into you the next time we do though.

    Hellz yeah!!! Takin the getup out to San Elijo this weekend! Saw that you posted a pic of our ************ setup so thought that we would get some credit for it!
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