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    Advice on 1987 toyota pickup

    In my experience, in equal condition and both manuals, the 22re will feel about as sluggish as a T100. The 22re is tough and reliable. You really can't go wrong with a late 80-s early 90's Toyota truck.
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    FM-62DZ Whynter Vs SnoMaster EX67D

    We have used a Whynter the same size and not dual zone and it has served us well for 2 years of full time everyday use with no complaints.
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    1st Gen 4runner Project: My COVID-19 Build

    Nope. Going for long term reliability on FS roads and mild off-road tracks. The transmission works well now so I am simply going to replace the motor and hit the road!
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    1st Gen 4runner Project: My COVID-19 Build

    It is a long wait. We had a full summer of travel plans lined up and the wait didn't seem so long. Now that we are all sheltering in place, it seems like a long wait. You will definitely learn a lot through doing a swap!
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    1st Gen 4runner Project: My COVID-19 Build

    Good luck on the build! We are already committed to a 22RE from 22reperformance or else we'd be swapping too. Looking forward to watching this one!
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    79-95 Toyota Truck Hilux 4Runner Rear Axle with ELocker

    Looks like it’s in Minnesota based on the license plate.
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    1986 Toyota 4Runner Baja Budget Build

    I’ve been really satisfied with how smooth it is at the current ride height with the spacers. Our rough ride was coming from rotted tires this last go around. I kinda like the desert runner look, similar to how they came from the factory.
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    1986 Toyota 4Runner Baja Budget Build

    After taking the 4Runner down to Baja last winter, we parked it to travel around in our bus on the East coast. When we got back to her we realized we had some maintenance work to do and replaced all of the steering parts and decided to lift the front a bit more with the 4Crawler spacers and 5100...
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    1986 Toyota 4Runner Baja Budget Build

    Sorry I have been MIA from this thread. We don't travel with the bottle plugged in and it hasn't caused any issues thus far just in camp.
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    SALE PENDING - 1999 F-350 7.3 4WD Ambulance Conversion

    What does it weigh and what is the gvwr on the door jamb?
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    Oklahoma Adventure Trail

    It would have been built within a couple of years of when you were there. Old bridge was Combs Bridge. Spent many an evening watching sunset over the river from that old bridge.
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    Oklahoma Adventure Trail

    Fellow okie here... where the bridge was out, although you got a good detour and saw a better road, the new bridge was just a little farther down the road from the old one. Maybe a mile. Loved the report, used to live in Tahlequah.
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    Besides MaxTraxx, what traction boards/mats do you use?

    I understand how you got here, but our mileage has been really unsatisfactory. We have used our XBulls for 1 year of moderate use (5-10 leveling campsites and 3 light extractions) and they are showing serious wear. The knobs are nearly gone in places and I was not nearly as impressed with them...
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    JDM Toyota Dyna 4x4 Build Thread

    What’s the gvwr? Cool ride!
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    Baja race

    This might be more your speed instead of jumping in to the 1000: