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  • I was inspired to learn about your rig, as I fell into reading about your build after an exhaustive search on how to modify my 02 Tacoma into a comparable expo rig! That said, I would love to ask some questions if you don't mind sharing some of your time:
    1. What is the product number on your roof rack? I also couldn't locate it. My apologies for the repetitive question.
    2. Which Snugtop did you go with? Sounds like your Snugtop has stood the test of time and limits.
    3. Which RTT did you go with? I know weight is an issue related to the questions above.
    4. Was that a home-made mod to better support your truck bed? I would expect my bed to also start splitting over time considering how much time we plan to camp on on the camper/rack/RTT. I can't thank you enough for sharing any of the knowledge you have accrued in building such a great rig!!!
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