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    Need your help and advice: Adding electrical stuff...does this make sense?

    I've agree with NatersXJ6 on this. Especially given the size of your rig and available power. I would also say that it looks like you may have enough room under your hood for another battery which would save you some room in your cab. With my Jeep, I had the opposite problem (no room under the...
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    Need android help - BCN on Kindle Fire - Permissions issues

    Some possibly obnoxious suggestions. Have you tried a different SD card or removing and reinserting the one you have perhaps combined with a reboot? I have a new Fire HD 10 and so far find it too clunky to think about using for something like this. Come to think of it, I always get frustrated...
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    Positional: Simple GPS App w/ Coords, Elevation, Speed, Bearing

    I love this app. I use it all the time when I'm on trips. I do notice that most of the time, it doesn't update the position on my phone (an original Pixel). Instead, I have to completely close the app and reopen it.
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    Help me understand this

    Challenge yourself and your group. Get a ham license. The capability you get with just 2m is leaps and bounds above what you get with anything else.
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    Positional: Simple GPS App w/ Coords, Elevation, Speed, Bearing

    An idea for displaying the various attributes... Just downloaded this on my phone. It is awesome. I was just on a trip through Big Bend and wishing I had something that did just this. Thanks for creating this. I have one suggestion though it may not be worth the coding effort. I suggest...
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    M1102 potential build W/ Jeep JK 2dr

    Hooolly Crap. I'm gonna sell mine!!
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    Best Offroad GPS unit

    " ...they both work, they both tell me where i am, they both are close enough to use for road and offroad navigation." What geo.greg said. The Oregon and most handhelds have WAAS which makes it more accurate and also faster to acquire an initial position but also consumes more power. Adding...
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    Tablet Sizes?!

    I used to use a Nexus 7" tablet. Liked the size but it eventually died on me. I purchased the 8" Samsung as a replacement. I was worried that this would be too big so I had the opposite concerns. I still feel it's kind of large for where I want it mounted in the upper left hand corner of the...
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    Help with short dual band antenna repair

    Thanks very much for the additional info Bob. If I'm following you correctly, I'm pretty sure the base was un-damaged. I just used my Jeep's seat supports like a giant pair of scissors to break the plastic that surrounds the actual antenna wire. The base wasn't touched. To remove the...
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    Wiring Options

    This got a bit long-winded.... Wire size depends on the size of the current (in AMPS) and the length of the wire. There are many charts on the web that give similar info. I have used this one but others work as well: You can find or calculate the current...
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    I've used this $18 mount on all my off road trips with either a Nexus 7 tablet or a Samsung 8" tablet. if I remember to clean the window and the suction cup with an alcohol wipe before attaching, it will stay stuck until I take it off. Otherwise, it will say on for several hours to a day...
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    Magellan eXplorist TRX7 - Anyone have experience with it yet?

    I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by everything the TRX7 offers. In a Jeep, a tablet running BCN will cover my needs but for something like an ATV, this seems like a good option if the price is right.
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    Help with short dual band antenna repair

    Need some help on an antenna question. I have a Diamond AZ504 antenna. It's basically a short dual band antenna I was trying around town so I didn't have to take off my antenna every time I went into my garage. It turned out to be just a little too long and I have replaced it with a Comet...
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    Looking for vehicle GPS Solution

    I feel I should chime in here even though my days of remembering the finer details of some of the points I am about to raise are long gone. First, there can be differences between the GPS accuracy offered in a dedicated GPS unit and a tablet. Many of these units (but not all) can use WAAS to...