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    EarthCruiser GZL 300

    Why are your GLZ/MOD and GaZell’s door off-centered? Doesn’t that design lead to a floor plan with less storage?
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    Sold: 2009 FWC Fleet Camper

    Sold. It's gone to Colorado.
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    Sold: 2009 FWC Fleet Camper

    Price adjusted :Wow1: and new information added.
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    Sold: 2009 FWC Fleet Camper

    Attendance at Overland Expo was a bit of a bust due to the cold wet weather, that included snow showers. There were several people that expressed interest, but no one came up with the cash. So the camper is still for sale back in Tampa.
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    Sold: 2009 FWC Fleet Camper

    If you are interested in seeing it, I'm on my way to Overland Expo West. If all goes as planned, I should be there from Thursday afternoon.
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    Sold: 2009 FWC Fleet Camper

    I do remember. I think you and you SO drove overnight to Asheville from DC. Let me know if I can answer anything for you. DC is not that far away :)
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    Sold: 2009 FWC Fleet Camper

    For Sale: 2009 Four Wheel Camper Fleet camper with most available accessories (Manufactured October ’09) Sold.
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    The OFFICIAL Overland Expo EAST 2014 Thread!

    This morning I aquired NothingClever's FWC Fleet in Tampa and I'm headed north to Asheville. I'm excited to be joining everyone. However the stock suspension on my Taco isn't up to the job. It will get me there ok, but the nose of the truck has been pointing towards the rain clouds all day. I...
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    The OFFICIAL Overland Expo EAST 2014 Thread!

    If you go to , partway down the page, on the right, you will see there's a comparison chart. I purchased a Weekend Pass. If you do as well, remember that the camping is not included. That must be purchased separately. I plan to be there from Thursday to...
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    '02 Tacoma & '09 FWC Camper Combo

    Sent you an email this morning.
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    EBay Find: FWC Hawk 2003 - Starting bid $8000

    EBay find: FWC Hawk 2003 - Starting bid $8000 !!Caution. Proceed with caution!! From his description and the video link, the owner does not seem to know the...
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    Allterrain camper

    It's cool too that you took the time to post this.
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    Four Wheel Camper Grandby Atlanta, Ga

    Looks good for it's age. Would be better if it fit my Tacoma. Best wishes with your sale.
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    Wife wants a DSLR

    If you are looking at a DSLR, you can't go wrong with either a Canon or Nikon. They both manufacture 'entry level' cameras. However, entry level DSLRs are generally not as durable as high end professional cameras. Pro level cameras are built tougher and meant to be banged around somewhat. Take...