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    A Diesel in the New Suburban? Heck Yeah!

    I had one of the 2021s drive by me while walking and was stunned by the lack of ground clearance on the rear suspension. Read a review touting the deep snow performance, usual marketing fluff ungrounded in reality.
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread Buck Algonquin if you cant find it anywhere else Marine
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    Switching from Ford E-Series to FC/cabover (like Sportsmobile to Earthcruiser 4x4)?

    The 10 has 2 extra overdrive ratios and a deeper first gear. Ford specs list a 40 and 55 gal tank but can’t find the 55 option on the E350 SRW or DRW. Found a couple E350SRW with Unicell 10or 12 ft bodies for around 45k, Ujoint conversion for 20-25. All had 40gal tanks. Looked at 2 with steel...
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    Switching from Ford E-Series to FC/cabover (like Sportsmobile to Earthcruiser 4x4)?

    Plenty of new E350 cutaways on commercial truck trader with 7.3 gas motor and variety of commercial utility or box beds. Do a Ujoint conversion and interior and you have it. Interested in the Unicell body vs Knapheide. Fiberglass vs steel
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    Which eight LT tires?

    Tandem axle? The standard trailer 5k axle has six lug bolt pattern that matches Toyota and Chevrolet but check your hub diameter on the trailer and vehicle. 3500 lb axles usually have 5 bolt 4.5” bolt circle. You could also use wheel adaptors but I’m less enthusiastic of that option. If you have...
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    Palomino Backpack

    Only time I run electric for the fridge is when I am hooked to ac, otherwise propane all the time without issues once I made a windshield for the pilot light. Used a disposable pizza pan
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    Fishing neck gaiters

    Looked at them, tried on just never bought. Worried more about losing an ear or nose to melanoma or an aggressive squamous cell. Hand or finger you can do a wide excision and not lose too much function. my motivation for using is more staying cool in high temps than uv protection though. Prefer...
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    Fishing neck gaiters

    Simms, the fabric stays cool in high temps unlike buffs. Only brand I buy. They used to make a sunhood out of the same fabric, wear it over a cap when running a boat, keeps the cap on and fits looser than a neck gaiter and more coverage. The solarflex fabric feels like silk. The neck gaiter has...
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    King Starboard as material for bed drawers/sleeping platform?

    In 1990 I built some liner boxes for hull compartments in a boat, compartment often had bilge water enter. Stored heavy anchors,rope,etc which went in wet. Built out of 1/4” plywood coated both sides with resin which was tinted white, used 1/4 round molding inside to strengthen joints, used...
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    Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

    Wrangler performance cargo pant. Went from Patagonia Quandary pant at 70/ pr great pant, to Eddie Bauer guide at 40 on sale and another great pant though pills a little to the Wrangler at 21.72. All wear the same, very comfortable. Have spent a lot of time in these pants the last 2 yrs chasing...
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    King Starboard as material for bed drawers/sleeping platform?

    Most of the marine accessories manufactured with starboard are fastened with machine screws and starboard is drilled and tapped. Using wood or sheet metal screws with predrilled holes often results in the material cracking over time. Its heavy, If water resistance is your criteria coat thin...
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    Bulb seal

    Ebay also read description carefully, the embedded metal lip may be plain steel, stainless or aluminum depending on planned use. Is common in marine use for hatch seals
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    F-350 Rats under the hood

    Hunting trucks stored on ranchs in South Texas commonly have this problem, most owners use ultrasonic repellents plugged into adjacent power outlets, they say it works. Reviews online are less complimentary.
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    Suburban 2500 San Antonio $2800

    No connection