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    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    Not sure if mid sized but...
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    Which mechanical transmission can I put in a Dodge Cummins 3500 diesel, year 1996?

    Ford stuff might be easier to find down there, just a guess ZF6 is a great transmission. Relatively easy swap if you keep ford Tcase. Lots of companies making engine adapters now
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    Bush Company Alpha RTT

    That looks great!
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    interested in cooktop if not spoken for Thanks, jake

    interested in cooktop if not spoken for Thanks, jake
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    Show me your "Adult" rigs and how you keep them running.

    Scout '74 Scout Sadly only have driveway pics for now VE pump Cummins 727 soon to be Getrag D300 D61F D71R 3.08 37 Toyos Still need camp setup
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    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    Cover looks great man! I'll be raising my drivetrain for sure now that I've seen you do it, doesn't seem too bad. We were on CO few months back would have loved to see it live. Keep the flatties goin!
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    Rango.....1942 Willys MB

    Cool! You get PM?