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    WANTED: Anyone Selling any Overland Journal Back Issues?

    I am interested also :) If I could
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    Just installed 868s

    Where are the pictures ?
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    Help Me Pick a RTT

    I would suggest also Gordigear, they are well made and top quality. I had Gordigear tent for a long travel and it was even possible to accommodate two adults and two kids (10,7), the price is very good and customer support is top. They are designed and partly made in Australia and when I was...
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    Gordigear RTT Adventure

    Thanks for the admins who changed the thread name. Again, I would recommend the gordigear, their customer support is very good and the product is solid.
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    Gordigear RTT Adventure

    Hi, I am the guy who created this thread and I would really like to change the thread description but unfortunately I have lost my account. I will be contacting expedition portal admins to change the description of the thread. Jorge