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    2007 Sequoia...aka The BigTree

    Don't you need a body lift to fit 35's?
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    '05 Sequoia, slow build theread

    According to the AHC service document linked below, every 1mm of adjustment corresponds to a 2mm height difference.
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    Coolant goes to reservoir but not back to radiator

    How did you determine that coolant flows only one way? Does the radiator consistently get low, and the coolant reservoir overflows? Check to see that the hose isn't pinched or crimped, and that it reaches the bottom of the reservoir. Also check for leaks in the cooling system. You might also...
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    Would a Air Locker Be Worth it?

    In the long run, I honestly would not sink a ton of money into this 4x2 to make it into an expedition rig. I get that you're already rebuilding the rear end, and adding a locker now makes more sense, but like I mentioned earlier, you'd be better off spending that money converting your 4x2 in a...
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    Would a Air Locker Be Worth it?

    Here's another couple of threads that might help you make a more informed decision.
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    Would a Air Locker Be Worth it?

    Have you driven on routes where you couldn't proceed because you only had 2WD and had to turn around? Have you been afraid to drive on routes that appeal to you because you're only 2WD? Do you air down on the trails you already drive? If your destinations have not yet impeded your enjoyment of...
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    1 gen Xterra and R50 front hubs the same?

    I believe it is possible to install Warn #29091 on the Xterra, but I don't think you can install Xterra auto hubs on the R50. If I recall (though it's been a very long time and I could be mistaken), the snap ring fits on a different location on the outer CV axle and it doesn't match the same...
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    My 2001 Pathfinder (R50 ) mild/budget build

    It looks more aggressive with the tubing. Add it. Then install an LED light bar on it. :)
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    Dual battery on R50 Pathy with VQ35?

    The battery location is the same on all R50's (front right corner under the hood). I opted to install dual batteries, but I have all accessories running off the main battery (X2 power group 34), with a smaller Odyssey PC680MJ beside it for emergency starting purposes only. I also carry a...
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    NR's 2007 Toyota Sequoia - Soy-Quoia Build

    It gives you the ability to start your rig if the main battery is drained because it doesn't receive enough charge current from the solar panel. Solar panels are only effective if they get sunlight. Not every campsite parking spot you'll get will be in full sun. Many of the sites I camp at are...
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    Show your 1st Gen Lifted Sequoia on dirt!! no pavement please :)

    nrlarson: I got the HD-SKO sliders designed specifically for the Sequoia. You have to call him, since they're not shown on his website.
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    Yes, all QX4's and any Pathfinders with the "all-mode" transfer case are AWD with a locking center diff and a low-range.
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    Ready to build...need advice and honest info about storage/carry capacity issues

    I prefer to keep all my gear enclosed in the cabin (not exposed to theft, rain, or dust), so my choice would be the 4Runner. If you plan to get a camper shell, the truck will be a good choice. The difficulty would be having to climb into the bed to reach the stuff closer to the cab. Here's an...
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    2005 Tundra diff breather relocation

    You don't need to drain the diff fluid first. The breather is well above any location in the axle that would leak oil when the breather is removed, and even if there were internal pressure in the diff, no fluid should come out.
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    Newbie stock 2002 Sequoia, first thing to spend $$ on?

    As others have posted above, there is no "golden rule" for the first step towards building an expo rig. It all depends on your intended use, your budget, and the vehicle's current condition. How many miles does it have? How much life is left in the tires? Does everything work? Also, if you...