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    2005 Wrangler TJ

    Looking to sell my 05 Wrangler. Blue book value is around 11,000. Have a lot more invested in this vehicle than I am asking. This has been my daily driver for the last few years. Engine and transmission work great. I am sure I am missing stuff but this is the list of what I have installed on it...
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    Upper Control Arm Bushings Axle Side Thoughts on POLY vs Rubber vs Johnny Joints

    Do it right and do johnny joints. Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
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    Tires Getting Spiked On Trail

    Has there been any update on this? Myself and a group of friends are planning on doing the K-Trail right after Christmas. Anything we should keep an eye out for? I heard that the spikes were found about 2 miles from the Fire Watch tower in the section that is usually flooded. I was also told...
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Yeah Fort St Philip is under water after hurricanes and when the river is high. I launched my kayak from Fort Jackson and kayaked across and spent about 20 minutes trying to find a dry area to get into the fort. I will be going back soon so I'll post some more photos when I do.
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Fire Tower on the K-Trail in Oklahoma Old Tractor at Fort St Phillip Entrance at Fort St Phillip
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    Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.

    Inside Fort Macomb, or Carcosa from True Detective. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
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    Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.

    From inside Fort Macomb (Carcosa from True Detective)
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    Panoramic Shots

    This weekend from Fort Macomb (aka Carcosa from True Detective)
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Fort Proctor. Located in Shell Beach, LA. Don't use cheap Chinese camera lenses, they will ruin a possible once in a lifetime photo.
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Installed Rokmen's Drop Down Aluminum Tailgate w/Storage Compartment.
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    Panoramic Shots

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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    The only land still attached is on the front of it. The side I took the shot on is actually the right side. The left side is on one of the main passes in the Rigolets, LA. More shots of the inside as well as another fort are here...
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    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Fort Macomb Lots more abandoned shots on my site in my signature.
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    Random RIG Shots