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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    max coupler is my go to. the lock n roll has had problems. max coupler also makes an extended version which i have found works very well if you need to ad a little length to the tongue.
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    are you talking about the plates that the swing arm attaches to? from head of cam bolt to head of cam bolt is 9.095" inner edge of trailing arm is about 11 3/4" apart id put the water tank a little more rear in the boxed area right behind the hitch.
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    They sell almost every part separate. Most are main assemblies, such as a wheel hub includes stub axle and brake assembly. Wheel bearings are common and you can get at most part stores. Brakes are axle-tek, or e-trailer house brand is a comparable fit. You can buy spare parts but if one...
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    Anyone familiar with overland vehicle systems roof top tents?

    red straps are to help you get in and out of the tent. Have the same thing on my SB tents.
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    not if you installed your support brackets.
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    awning mount was designed to be pushed in during travel to prevent leverage on it, also was designed for the smittybilt awnings which are about 1/3 the weight of a fox wing. I have my fox wing bolted directly to the adjustable upright.
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    they fit for me, maybe the Internets are wrong on specs. you do know the size of the generator drawer has changed slightly over the years but should fit. They changed the height and air cut outs a while back.
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    fyi, you can adjust the parameters of the arctic to get better efficiency. They do not advertise it though as its too complicated for most people to understand. ITs pretty decent on eco mode and can be setup to be better if you dont have it constantly being opened. I have one of them...
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    Who makes the best rims?

    I d go forged before cast. If it has to be cast, either vacuum cast or low pressure cast. Anything cast is from china now a days. There are some decent cast wheels, i still have some procomp 1026 race beadlocks waiting for a vehicle.
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    The recall only pertained to vehicles sold with tires and wheels as they were complete vehicles and required a VIN. kits sold without tires and wheels were a parts kit so no VIN required for selling parts. I believe a TSB was sent out for trailers might have the weld ground smooth and all...
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    Ironman 4x4 IceCube Fridge bad thermometer sensor probe fixed.

    those internals look exactly like my indel B.
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    Flashlights advice

    ive been happy with the sofirn lights off amazon. I have the BLF Q8 which is way over powered but has a nice ramping power switch and will drop down to a moon light setting, its about the size of a soda can. I love the C8F which is smaller and still has awesome output. budgetlightforums has...
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    yes, you can flip the rear main door to open the other way. it opens to PS so that if you do pull over and open door it doesnt open into traffic. Their first trailer they were showing has it open to the left side for overseas right hand drive markets but was changed to right side for USA and...
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    Favorite Tire Repair Kit?

    get a basic kit for the tools, then get some refill plugs and patches from local auto parts store. Always have a few extra tubes of rubber cement. If you open one, plan on replacing it when you get back home, they never last long once opened. Put you plugs in a vac sealed bag to help them...
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    Entrenching Tool

    that smitty is part of their defender rack line. it originated with con-ferr, who went out of business , who also had used a different rack manufacture to make some of their parts, then sold out to ORW. ORW came out with the defender rack line ages ago and then ended up selling the line to...