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  • Def I appreciate it! Joining ME4x4 was probably the best move being able meet so many people with so much knowledge about the rigs we run and having constant support. My jeep did quite well, I hit some obstacles that I really didn't think my jeep would get over. But we did and the coolest part of the day was getting up over big daddy, what a crawl! Overall fun day and learned a lot towards my first wheeling adventure. I have a stock front bumper and bumper caps to my xj if you know anybody that needs them.
    Cool man and awesome to hear. Was good meeting you and your brother. I realized how much i miss my xj. That thing spanked most the trails at All Wheels. U both have some nice xjs. I ve had 2 in the past and will always be an xj guy at heart. But this is the first time wheeling a zj and i am impressed. If u need anything or a shop to work on your heep hit me up. I am right in winthrop and i have a welder, compressor, and most tools needed. Until next time keep 4 on the floor.
    You'll have to post some pics of your rig if yeah got any. My jeep did a lot better than expected for its first wheelin adventure and mine too! I got some pics on my build page.
    Sweet, I appreciate it. These forums like this and Maine4x4 have helped me meet a few people. I'm also on Maineoffroading.org too. Are you going to the spring fling at allwheels in a couple of weeks?
    I go on there every now and then. I wheeled xjs for 10 years but upgraded to the Zj. Alot more creature comforts. I will have 2 zjs come next week. If u have any questions or need tech/build info feel free to hit me up.
    Thats pretty cool! I'm def new to wheelin, this jeep I have is my first jeep and vehicle so I look forward to using it. Are you on Cherokee Forum too?
    Oh ya. Im on here, NAXJA, NAGCA, Jeep Forum, Colorado 4x4, and Maine 4x4. Ive been wheeling for 25 yrs now so ive been around. Good seeing u on here. I love this site. Awesome info and tech tips. This is where i got alot of ideas for my Expo Zj build.
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