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    RR/LR3/4 EAS Front and Rear Valve Block Rebuild with Pictures!

    If someone has the time/money, I'm sure any reputable shock supplier will set up and valve a set of Kings/Foxs/SAW coilovers for a LR3. Some guy in the Mitsu forum did it to a Gen3 Montero recently with King.
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    Air Coil failed (not mine)

    the reason why LC100s never break down and go 350k miles is because those crazy people do preventative maintenance on EVERYTHING. 180k miles? Change the steering rack and brake booster, $2k in parts. You know, because it might fail and you don't want to get stranded! If you are doing 'United...
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    Air Coil failed (not mine)

    its a wear item, just like anything else. I wouldn't go on a multi-week overland whatever trip (like he is doing right now) with 100k+ on the original shocks in any vehicle, I wonder if this was an original/OEM/aftermarket strut.
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    Why are other full size SUV's not used in overlanding/offroading as often as Forerunner/Landcruiser?

    Parts availability and dealer networks. Period. Is a modern Corolla more reliable than a VW Golf? Definitely. But the Golf has been the #1 selling car in Europe for years. Why? Parts availability and dealer network.
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    The GAP tool does pretty damn good to fix all the LR3/4 faults. For less than half of what it would cost to get a chinese snap-on knockoff scanner to boot. I'll bet they get a version for the Defender going in a couple years.
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    Best 4Runner Under 8K? late 90s, early 2000s?

    Buying an old Toyota from the northeast is just a silly idea.
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    Does it Exist? Newer AWD Tall-Wagon Van Thing You can Sleep In

    Its the last of the "Puma" motors, aka Duratorq ROW. IIRC all of the mods for the US version are emissions-only. Very good motor otherwise.
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

    In 2028, when the Defender run is over due to the economy, this thread, giant meteors, etc; people will start grabbing them up and calling it the next great LR platform. In 2030, when theyre 10 years old and $15k, they'll be "The best deal in overlanding right now" next to the R/C cars that...
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    XJ increased GVW with little lift?

    Gonna be hard to get less lift, but you can call Deaver and ask them to build you a set of leafs. A pair of springs will cost as much as the entire OME kit.
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    Thoughts on the Chevy Avalanche

    If you want to sleep in it, and you're keeping your pickup go with a SUV. You can sleep in a Tahoe no problem. Burb might feel a bit big for just one or two people.
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    2006 Suburban Build

    This thread is great, but, don't drive yourself crazy. 3" of lift with an aftermarket UCA, 4.10s, and 34-35s gives you a lot of capability. Remember, a Burb is looooooooong so if you wanna get silly you need to lift it big, swap tons, and run 40s. The more you mod, the more you become...
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    Should I buy this 03 D2 as my first rover?

    Nice grab, she looks great!
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    Should I buy this 03 D2 as my first rover?

    My D1 was a 95, and theyre more old school with a distributor cap and rotor and OBD1 rather than the GEMS computer controlled ignition. I preferred it, TBH.
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    New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

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    Thoughts on the 2017+ Tahoe?

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaa. Exo cage, 44/60, fully plated and armored, etc. Geared to 5.13s, it actually managed pretty OK for what it was. But it was SLOWWWWW. My 93 before that was a lighter and much more 'expo-rated' and scaled at like 3800 loaded for a long trip. Then I got hit by the rock crawling and...