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  • Not sure if you've seen me or not, lol. I have a gray 2008 Frontier crew cab 4x4, lifted on 33's. I live in Clermont, work in Ocala/Gainesville.
    I can send some photos to your e-mail this weekend , i started with a one ton 4x6 trailer from " carry-on" trlr company... Since Moab some more mods are in order... Thanks
    Our Mombasa tent was roomy and comfy. That being said, we got rid of it a couple months after we bought it. Compared to sleeping inside the truck it was time consuming, top heavy, lowered mpg, and just wasn't for us. Not just the mombasa, any RTT.
    Hello Aaron, my name is Leonardo and I have a 80 series TLC and a suzuki samurai, you can check our site www.xtreme4x4adventures.com and my user name is badzuk.
    hope to see you there.
    BTW, how much do you want for the scepter fuel can if I pick it up?
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