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    2013 TRD Supercharged Tacoma Double Cab (Camper SOLD)

    What’s the milage on the truck? Thanks.
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    Off road RTT Trailer - West TX

    What Is the height of the available space between the deck and rack? what is the tire and wheel size, and bolt pattern? thanks.
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    4x4 class C. Bunkhouse
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    2011 JK Rubi 20k

    Where is it located? Do you have the back seat?
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    2014 Nissan Xterra Pro4x

    Got any idea about the overall height? (Garage issues)
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    *SOLD* 1990 Mitsubishi Montero LS

    Beautiful. Got any more interior pics?
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    1987 Suzuki Samurai Tin Top Camper $6500

    Super cool rig. What’s the sustainable top highway speed as set up with the RTT? I drove one from Norcal back to Texas in the 90s, before the west Texas 80mph speed limits. Was a great and memorable trip.
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    Nobo 10.6 vs InTech explore

    Makes sense. But you’re saying you tip the bed out at a rest stop, or Walmart parking lot etc? I was thinking that might not be doable for bad etiquette. I also will always have a motorcycle inside, so have to think through is that’s ok to sleep with (fumes). Do you have a way to lock your...
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    Nobo 10.6 vs InTech explore

    Thanks for all have contributed to this helpful thread. For you Intech owners, can you power the AC with a Honda 2000 generator? I am drooling at an Explore, deliberating between one with or without the tipout bed. I’d prefer the tipout for space, seems helpful and comfortable, but I’m...
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    FINALLY! Picked up an IntechRV Explore trailer!

    Looking hard at these myself, thanks for the report and the updates. Please keep the intel coming.
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    Good things come in little packages: Yamaha TW200

    Nice review and great pics. I’ve had a few TWs over the years and always regretted selling them. Currently have one in the stable, and my brother has one, and Dad has one. Good bikes in their niche for sure!
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    Texas Truck and Camper, Interesting...

    No affiliation, just saw it while perusing... it’s hard to imagine a motorcycle carried that far back, plus the wheels weight, but I’m tempted to make a drive to get a closer look.
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    SOLD: Cots, Bags and Pads

    Sent you a PM :)
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    SOLD (PENDING SHIPMENT) F/S Battery pack (LiFePo4) 40AH/Pelican case (Houston/TX)

    Interested if something falls through with the sale.