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    E350 7.3L, #3 Injector Stuck in head due to body clearance?

    Follow up. I'm still doing other work to get everything back together (the real world and work needs tends to get in the way), but removing the solenoid and re-installing it after the injector was in place worked like a champ. I put the solenoid back on before pushing the injector until it...
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    E350 7.3L, #3 Injector Stuck in head due to body clearance?

    I simply can't say enough good things about Bitterroot Diesel in Montana. I'm in Texas, but they answered my questions, gave me advice and even shipped parts fast when I found broken pieces during the process. The jig/tool they sell for the injector rebuild made my life super easy! I have no...
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    E350 7.3L, #3 Injector Stuck in head due to body clearance?

    Found my low-profile ratcheting driver this morning, which fit perfectly with the correct bit, solenoid came off with a little effort, the injector pulled out just fine after that. I already massaged that section of the dog house the best I could. It's right at the seam with the flat front of...
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    E350 7.3L, #3 Injector Stuck in head due to body clearance?

    I'm rebuilding injectors this weekend and I've reached an impasse that I hope my fellow E-van people can help me with. The injector for the #3 cylinder hits the body and I can't rotate it to the narrow side to pull it free. The advice I was given was to unbolt the motor mounts at the cross...
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    Why isn't anybody but Aluminess making a side ladder?

    I made my own, it really isn't all that difficult. I'll grant that it isn't as nice as Aluminess, but seeing how it cost me well less than $50 to make, I think the price was right.
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    Aux input on factory Ford radio?

    Are you sure there isn't a loose ground or your alternator is acting up?
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    How much lift from Moog 880s on E350 2WD?

    Moog has hundreds of different coil springs to choose from, when I was trying to determine what was right for my application I tried to reach out to them and had zero luck until I hit them on twitter. On twitter they were able to answer my questions for my application and I ended up with the...
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    Rack suggestions?

    They're easy enough to build for not much money. Same thing with the ladder. As I remember the raw stock came in under $300, the FarmTek decking was caught on sale, the lights and antennas added to the cost. I think all told with everything I'm in it for about $500 the rack and ladder. I...
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    Outdoor Kid Photo Thread

    My kids are (currently) 7 & 5, but they've quickly become quite the outdoorsmen over the past few years. These are from our last trip to Big Bend NP, we base camped at the Cottonwood Campground and did an overnight on the South Rim. The kids did great and carried their own packs, although my...
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    Wall Tents on Safari Rack Setups

    The angle kit and EMT frame has been bullet proof through serious weather, I'm really happy with it. I can be setup and ready to sleep in 30 minutes, to get everything put together fully it's a bit over an hour. Tear down is about the same, although we did break camp faster than that once, but...
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    The quest for the perfect family (5 of us) overlanding/camping setup....

    We're a family of 4, my kids are still young (currently 7 & 5, but we started them 4 years ago), and we traded our minivan in for a fleet auction E-van 3 years ago. We ground camp using a Panther Primitive 10x10 canvas wall tent (10.3 Sunforger) with an EMT frame and a Wall Tent Shop angle kit...
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    Wall Tents on Safari Rack Setups

    Wall tent on your roof? As in like a canvas wall tent? We use a 10x10 Panther Primitive canvas wall tent (10.3oz Sunforger) with 1" EMT frame and angle kit as our primary tent when not backpacking. It is an incredible tent, we've spent over 10 weeks in that tent in the last couple of years...
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    DIY Extruded Aluminum.....where to buy?

    Depending on your build plans it may be worth learning to weld, even if you end up not going with aluminum. The latest rear deck/slideout/storage solution I built was originally going to be 80/20, I drew out a basic design, figured what fasteners I needed, etc. Then I priced the build and...
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    Happy Mgmetalworks / Ujoint CamperVan

    Ok that makes more sense. I was trying to figure out how the van was sitting level with a 4" lift in the rear with stock spring heights, which was incorrect on my part.
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    Hi strength WHEELS, where?

    The short answer is yes/sort of, the long answer involves a technical discussion on sidewall deflection, heat build up, tire design and underinflation casing damage. Then there is some disagreement amongst tire experts (legit tire experts, not the guy at the tire shop "expert") about those...