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    Hey @mog - Thanks for confirming that. I am including the paste from my email with Jim. I did ask in my email if bulletproofing had been done and this was the reply. I took "all the aftermarket upgrades" to mean it was bulletproof. Just trying to be as transparent as possible. I hope this...
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    I am not a mechanic by any means but my understanding is that the Ford 6.0 PowerStroke diesel had a lot of problems that was solved in the aftermarket. A company coined the term Bulletproofing and gave a criteria of what needs to be done to "bulletproof" that engine. There are like five major...
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    I talked to the owner in email last night. The ER has been bulletproofed but he didn't call out it on the ad. Gave some other updates on the condition of the ER and it is definitely something you can update, etc. I wish had more cash on hand to buy it. It is generating a lot of interest so they...
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    Yeah, this is the lowest I have seen one. Doesn't say if it was bulletproofed. I am guessing not since they would probably called it out. @maxbergi - How come you swore them off? I know people post a lot of drama on them, but seems like a lot of internet hate though. I really like their builds.
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    FS: Alu-Cab Khaya Camper

    I own a Khaya and we sleep me and my wife up top with two small Viszlas (~35lbs) and there is plenty of room. Our older Weim sleeps below. My Khaya is fully loaded with a sink/fridge components on the passenger side and a small bench on the driver side. Considering the wait time on these getting...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Hell yes it does and it is super damn annoying. I was told they cannot calibrate it (to finish the recall) so half my dashboard is lit up yellow like my truck is going to die. I had the bumper before the recall. I was told I basically need to drop the bumper / cut off the prerunner bars to get...
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    What have you broken/replaced on your overweight Tacoma?

    I have an Alu-Cab Khaya on my 2018 DCSB Tacoma Offroad and it is extensively modified with most of the items you called out. We have 21k miles on it now and 4k of those miles with the Khaya. We have a Radflo suspension with 2.5 resi all the way around, 700lb coilsprings, OME Dakar heavy...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    This is my 2018 Tacoma with Alu-Cab Khaya.
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    She’ll recommendation -2019 F150

    Project M could be an option from Four Wheel Camper if you're looking for something more than just a shell to cover the bed. Gives you a bed and the freedom to build out a few more things if that is the direction you're going. I believe the F150 Project M weighs about ~480lbs before you add...
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    FS: Alu-Cab Drawer System (2005+ Toyota Tacoma) for short bed models - $2500

    Location: Snohomish, WA, USA Description: This system is currently sitting my garage. I bought it in Nov 2018 and used it 3 months before buying a Khaya Camper from Alu-Cab. We ended up going in a different direction...