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    ARB Twin 12 Volt Air Compressor -CKMTA12- Troubleshooting

    Looks like your circuit breaker is open? I'm sure you know that though.
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    ExPo's Lexus GX470 Overland Project

    Hopefully they will succeed, I would buy.
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    ExPo's Lexus GX470 Overland Project

    Rather like being PG, either you are or you're not. Interesting concept, they should patent it if possible then sell to Scepter or RotoPax who are familiar with fuel safe materials. That would put me onboard. :)
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    ExPo's Lexus GX470 Overland Project

    Their website says these are not certified for fuel storage, great idea but?
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    Packing a family a 4 into a jeep or 4runner

    JK or JL is a step backward carrying cap. wise IMHO. I would be observing others while on the trail to see how they handle this issue. Why reinvent the wheel?
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    Awning Walls: Velcro or Zipper

    Zippers here.
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    Awning won't retract without a lot of help

    I would suggest a call or email to them?
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    Prepping the 200 Series for Alaska or just building my 200 Series.

    Nice mods. I'd be a little leary of the ac chord between bumper and body as there can be significant movement there. perhaps something like this?
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    ARB 50 qt original or Series 2

    I'm putting the cover from a blue and grey on it no one will ever know.
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    ARB 50 qt original or Series 2

    Thanks guys
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    ARB 50 qt original or Series 2

    Wanting a 50 qt ARB and not sure whether the original model or new Series 2 is best? Anyone?
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    Front Locker is it needed?

    Right up there with a snorkle, winch and High Lift jack :LOL:
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    Waxy contaminant in propane line

    The Gas One model I bought came with the adapter for 1 lb. cans and I also obtained an adapter to get from 1lb to larger cyls. I, like Herbie, can adapt and improvise to meet the circumstances.
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    Replacing my Group 27 battery with Group 31 battery. Is that ok?

    I hope GA can find them, I've managed to avoid them for more than 7 decades :p